Sunday, December 14, 2008

Great Weekend Re-Cap

We have had a great weekend!
On Friday night, I enjoyed an excellent date with my hubs watching 4 Christmases (Vince Vaughn is so funny) at the Movie Tavern. If you have never been there I highly recommend it! I think whoever thought of having a restaurant at the movies should get an award... seriously. Greg and I got to sleep in... until 8:00 when we went to pick Ivy up at Nana and Pops house~ we don't really know where our old sleeping capabilities have run off too? Maybe we just miss our little missy too much to sleep much later!

On Saturday, we did some major cleaning! I have been saving EVERY THING of Ivy's because I just can't part. Greg told me we can't possibly save it all because we are already out of room. So we went through and created several boxes to donate to Helping through Him and still have all of our favorites for a future little girl. Going through all of the little bitty things made me miss this:

We definitely saved this little outfit... it is one of my favorites!

Then today was very exciting! Some friends of ours got married at church during the 11:30 service. Southland did a series called "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and this weekend they actually had a wedding in each service! How Cool! :)

Here we are about to leave for church! This might be the best Mommy and Ivy picture ever taken :) YAY

Jordan and Shellain got married! Here they are having their first dance. Congrats to them!

Tonight we decided to take Ivy to look at the Christmas lights at the fire station. When we drive down the road she loves to say "WOW" when we pass houses that are lit up. We thought for sure she would enjoy it. If you have never been there... you set your radio station and the lights correspond with the music. It is VERY COOL! I am sure that they work very hard to provide some entertainment for us.

Here is Ivy watching in amazement. There were no "WOW's" tonight. I think it was a bit too much for her eyes to focus on. After a minute she said "Bye bye" to the lights!

We were off to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Ivy had fun seeing them... she missed them while they were gone to Japan. She always loves playing with the animals and being silly with Grandpa. Grandma always has lots of goodies for Ivy... even this close to Christmas!! Ivy is excited about her new Elmo puppet book.

Overall, we had a great weekend! I am so excited for a long break over Christmas and for Greg to only have ONE MORE semester~ YAY!


  1. It sounds like your weekend was awesome--especially the part where Ivy stays all night with Nana and Pops :)

  2. What a fun weekend...I love the picture of you and Ivy. We will be in town Saturday evening. We definitely need to get the girls together to play!

  3. That is a great pic of you two! And I understand the wanting to keep everything :) We have a house in our neighborhood that has lights that go along to the music on a radio station...Bailey was amazed.

  4. did you love the movie?? BTW, I can't wait to go back to the movie tavern, i love that place!

  5. that picture is really cute of you and Ivy!

  6. Friend, you are the cutest mommy and daughter ever. Love the pix!


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