Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas time is here and one of my favorite parts is pulling out all of the decorations. It is the ONLY time of year that my house is in "season"- if you will. Other times of year I just can't get in the spirit to clutter my house- haha. So a week prior to Thanksgiving I couldn't wait another moment.... so at the Smorstad home the decorations went up early!

Ivy loved the beads! We had to wait until she went to bed to actually decorate the tree because with each attempt to put the beads on she ripped them off and draped them on like jewelry... what a girly girl I have!

Kaya has a very safe hiding place for the next month. Christmas time has always been Kitty Girl's favorite time of year. She has even been known to try to climb the tree.

Nana saved the day and let Ivy decorate a mini-tree with baby safe ornaments. Ivy was so excited and each time we go to visit we "un-decorate" and "re-decorate!"

Ivy showing Mommy the pretty pink ball on her very own tree.
(I will have to get a picture of the finished product... It is so pretty!)

At home we still have daily temptations to steal ornaments or pull the beads but I guess that is okay since Christmas is all about having JOY... so who needs a grumpy mama saying "No Touch" for an entire month??!!


  1. How fun that she got to decorate her own tree... good thinking Nana! Your tree looks great :)

  2. That is a good idea! She is too cute!


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