Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tubes In.... Check

Everything went well this morning... and thank you for your prayers. We arrived at the surgery center at 7am and Ivy enjoyed playing with all the other little ones waiting their turn. They had a toy kitchen that was just her size and she loved it! I am already thinking Christmas :) Then they brought us back, checked her temp and heart, and then the waiting game began. The nurses all warned us the Dr. Parell is often... well always... tardy! Sure enough today was no different. We rode around in a wagon and walked laps around the pre-op area. Ivy waved to all the nurses and people waiting to go into surgery. I hope she cheered them up at a very nerve-racking time. Ivy was the only one not on edge, she had no clue what was coming. Finally, at about 8:40 Dr. Parell arrived and they took Ivy back. She didn't even cry because her and the nurse were best friends by then! And literally, 6 minutes later they told us she was done and they were just waiting on her to wake up. Twenty more minutes and we were in the car headed home!! So thanks again for your thoughts this morning!
Wake up- check
Tubes in- check
Back home- check
Nap time- check


  1. Ivy... do you want to come play next week. We can talk tubes. Talk to you soon! John Hunter

  2. Glad things went so smoothly! Hopefully no more ear infections!


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