Monday, July 28, 2008

Cupcakes and Wagons and Tears... Oh My

Ivy enjoyed every last bit of her white cupcake with pink butter cream icing... and sprinkles of course! She dove right in and was covered from head to toe.
Courtesy of Caramanda's Bake Shoppe

It was like Christmas! Greg and I have really never seen anything like it! Ivy opened everything from a wagon, a new chair, dolls, books, blocks, and more. She was quite overwhelmed but thankfully had lots of friends to help her enjoy her presents :)

I did not take nearly enough pictures of all of our friends and family. It is really hard to focus on picture taking and still keep track of a sugar buzzed one year old. Thank you to all our family and excellent friends who came to celebrate this special day with us!
I later heard the best advice... at your child's birthday party appoint a "photographer". This helps to capture the day and you are included in the pictures!! I am already thinking of who my picture taker will be at the big 2 party! :) Will it be YOU???

How could we resist this face? Ivy was devastated when we put the birthday hat on and sang Happy Birthday to you!! At first I wasn't sure if it was the hat or the singing... but the next day when she adamantly shook her head no in the presence of the hat I decided that was the tear trigger! Therefore, there will be no hat in the 1 yr old pictures- unfortunate as it may be.
Overall we had a super day! Happy 1st Birthday, Ivy Camille!
** Thank you to Greg for once again being creative with the picture posting! **
If you want to see the images larger... just click on them and wa-lah you are up close and personal :)


  1. That looks like so much fun! What kinda party is it without a few tears? Tell your husband good job on the scrapbook like photos. So cute!

    p.s. I just noticed Mark Landis did your first family pictures! He is so good! I used him for my senior pictures. :)

  2. Ivy,
    Your party looked so fun! Yummy cupcakes and cool new toys. You really can't beat that! Happy Birthday!

  3. My name is Nicole Maxwell, I went to school with Brooke Donovan and found your blog on hers! I have an almost 10 month old baby girl and wanted you to know I enjoy reading the stories you share! It's so nice to know there are others out there going through and feeling the same things you are. I have been planning my daughter's 1st birthday party and we too are doing a cupcake theme! I just wanted to say hi and let you know you have a beautiful daughter!


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