Friday, July 18, 2008

Like Newlyweds Again

Last night was BIG for Greg and I. It was the first baby free all nighter in the last 11 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days! :) (Excluding a time when we were both puking our guts out which in no way constituted a date!) We had a great time and felt the same connection we have always had. It is kind of scary when you become parents and your world is so centered around your child... at times you think what will be left when it is just us! But it was the same spark that began 8 years ago.

So your asking what did you all do once baby was safe and sound with Nana and Pops?

We started our date at Osaka, a new sushi restaurant up the street from our house. It was excellent and the price was much better than the other sushi hot spots. (Hey I should probably get a discount on my next meal there--- this is a free commercial for them!!)

Then after dinner we went for a long motorcycle ride. My rides on Greg's new bike have been limited since he didn't get this one until Ivy was a month old. (Personally, don't cry, Greg, but my butt and legs really really miss the old bike!) Kentucky is so pretty and I got to appreciate that again as we drove the back roads of several surrounding counties. Isn't my husband so HOT
on his bike?? :) I'm partial, but I think yes!

When we got home we were able to sit on our deck and enjoy a few drinks together as we laughed and talked about everything.... not just Ivy, surprising as it may be! We had an excellent night, even though it was strange to go to bed with an empty crib in the next room. However, we were early risers with Greg off to work and without a doubt I was reunited with Ivy by 7:40 this morning!! Date nights are a must for all Mommies and Daddies!

Dear Nana and Pops,
Thank you so much for letting me stay at your house last night! I had so much fun playing your piano and going to the park. I am glad you let me talk to your flowers and even pick a few. My grill cheese was none other than gourmet and I love playing with Mommy's old doll. Pops, I am especially glad that you were able to join us in the festivities :) And Nana, my mommy is a little mad that you taught me how to have a yelling match ;) Thanks again for all the fun!
Love Always,
Ivy Camille

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  1. It looks like you guys had a great time! You are lucky to have baby sitters so close. :)


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