Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playdates Galore... and the Bully

Ivy is at the age where she is really starting to enjoy being around other babies. Well, unless you count the church nursery where she is petrified! :( She has fun talking to, playing with, and touching other kids. It is so convenient that many of my friends have little ones and it is fun to visit other mommies while the kiddos play.
On the flip side of playdates, Ivy is at the age where she needs to start learning to be gentle. So.... invite us over and be ready to protect your child from my little bully! (Just Kidding!!) But, she is learning how to interact and right now with flailing arms and hands and a very loud voice she is too rough for most! Hopefully over the next few months she will learn how to play nice... or she will learn how to visit time out on playdates! :)
Here are some photos of FUN with FRIENDS!

Ivy and Addy at the swimming pool!

Now this was sooo funny! Ivy and Ella Grace were wearing the same exact outfit... and we promise the moms did not plan it. They were so cute sitting next to each other but neither would smile :) for a picture. Ivy had so much fun getting into everything at Sara's house! Get ready, because Ella will be moving all over the place in no time!

Ashley feeding Baby Brayden while Ivy played as close as possible. Thank you, Brayden, for letting me play with all of your toys!! :) I love your music duck and when you get a little bigger I will teach you my dance moves!
Ivy just realized there is a baby playing in that bed! :) Ella Chase was having a great time playing with Brayden's bed toys and jumping all over the place.

Ivy joined the fun! :)
Dear Ella,
I hope that we can play again sometime! I am sorry that my loud voice scared you. Next time I will try really hard to be gentle. My mom is teaching me more and more about that every day! It was great to meet you now that we are getting bigger.
Love, Ivy
All the babies posing for a picture!!! Next year Ivy and Ella will have to watch out for Brayden. He will have grown so much and be ready to play play play!

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  1. Ivy,
    You were so cute today! I was so glad you came to Georgetown to visit. When mommy mentioned you possibly moving to Georgetown next year we got excited! You were not a bully at all! Ella was very sensitive today--we think she is getting more teeth! I can wait to get together again. Ella had lots of fun visiting with someone her age!
    You and Ivy are so sweet! Thank you for coming down. We need to do it more often!


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