Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Stop in Birmingham

In order to break up our drive on the way there we stopped in Birmingham to visit family. (And sadly.... I didn't take enough pictures!) We stayed with my Aunt Vicki in there very sleek and modern condo overlooking the city. It had a gorgeous view but definitely kept Greg and I on our toes making sure Ivy didn't get into too much trouble! They have two cats who did their fair share of hissing by the end of the evening-- Ivy had invaded their space one too many times.

Ivy loved looking off the balcony. I caught a picture of her "giving Daddy a five"-- she thinks this is so cool ;)

We had dinner with everyone! My cousin Angela brought over her little boy, Cooper. Ivy and him have met once before when Ivy was just a little blob. Now she has personality and Cooper and her had so much fun! This picture captures the night- trying to take his toy, while hers were scattered throughout the room! Ivy was constantly poking, stealing, and being bossy to Cooper. The funniest was Ivy's fascination with Cooper's teeth. Lately she has been wanting to touch Mommy and Daddy's teeth and then seeing that she has her own. Right when Cooper came in, he greeted Ivy with a hug and she immediately tried to widdle her finger into his mouth. He was not sure of what to think of this baby... but we are thankful for his sweet nature. He showered her with hugs, shared his toys, and didn't bite her invasive finger off!!
My pregnant cousin, Rachel and her husband, Brian also joined us for dinner. I didn't take a pic of her and the precious bump! She is due in December and finds out tomorrow what she is having. I can't wait to hear! My guess... a girl!

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