Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mission Impossible: Vacation without an....

Ear Infection

"Hint- hint, Mommy, hello.... my ears hurt!!!"

We should have known... look where she is reaching in this picture. Straight to the ears! Ear infections are a common thing for Ivy... this is number 8 since November to be exact. By the next day Ivy was running a 103 degree fever and we knew we needed to see a doctor. Turns out during our first trip to the beach Ivy had a double ear infection. She was pretty pitiful for the next few days but was still able to model for a few pictures!!

Popsicles for breakfast = FEVER BE GONE!!

Thanks to Nana's super advice this was tasty and helped Ivy's fever to go down. We love you, Nana. Thank you for being so helpful this week.

Super Model woke up from nap with this amazing faux-hawk and Daddy could not resist a photo shoot. He persisted to take several pictures while laughing to the point of tears. Needless to say, Ivy was not amused. She is saying "Really, Dad, grow up!"
This hair-do really did bring smiles to a bad day and tired parents! :)


  1. awww... I hope she is feeling better!

  2. Poor thing..have you talked to her doctor about getting tubes? I know she is still pretty young but that is a lot of ear infections! Our doctor down here says more than 3 in a year and they want them to see a ENT (ear nose throat!) Hope she is feeling better soon!

  3. I wish the doctor would say it is time for tubes.... Ear infections are hard and the antibiotics really hurt her tummy! They consider them seasonal until derby day- she has had 2 since then~ we will see???


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