Friday, July 25, 2008

No Such Thing as a SCHEDULE

Schedule... the word really makes me laugh!! Because truthfully I don't think kids know what the word means, therefore they do not abide to one set schedule or another. This has been especially funny (not so fun, though) since we got tubes. Greg is totally blaming the tubes but I am not sure that it isn't just Ivy being Ivy. Stubborn, that is! We have not had a morning nap since our return from vacation and I have LOVED this, however for the past two days Ivy has become a bear in the a.m. so nap it is! The worst part is that in the afternoon she is FIGHTING sleep with all of her might. So I am utterly is exhausted after finally getting her to sleep and I am bound and determined that tomorrow morning there will be no nap and Ivy will peacefully go right to sleep after lunch! This will make for a pleasant birthday party for all :)

When we for-go the nap but we desperately need one.... asleep at dinner time.

However, since we are on this crazy "schedule" we have taken advantage and had a play date with our friends Vada and Stella and Mommy Diana. This summer we have had fun together but our schedules are often very different. Diana is lucky enough that her girls sleep in so therefore the do everything quite a bit later than us! But with a late day nap for Ivy play time was a must~ Here are some pics from yesterdays play-date :)

Ivy, Vada, and Cousin Jeffrey playing by the window.

Stella observing from the sidelines with Mommy!! PRECIOUS :)
*This totally captures Stella at her happiest, curled up with Mommy*

We couldn't forget to take a Vada and Mommy shot!


  1. I am completely with you on the schedule ordeal! It seems like once you get a good one it changes! I'm glad everything is going well!

  2. Naomi was not a on schedule at all but I have to admit Gabby is completely by the book. Since 6 months old (now 14 months), pretty much every day of her life (except for Sundays) she wakes up at 8, naps from 930-1130, naps again from 230-430 and goes to bed at 8. I am not kidding, she is the schedule queen, and yes my kids sleep a ton! But all kids are different. I am dreading loosing her morning is the only time I can take a shower! I am glad Ivy's tubes went smoothly and I hope she had a fun party!

  3. Can you come play on Tuesday or Wednesday... just let my mommy know. She will make cookies... or something! John Hunter
    PS.. I laugh at schedules, however my mom has this chart looking thing that she thinks I am supposed to follow:) HA HA HA!


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