Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brayden is getting SO big!

Just a few weeks ago... Brayden sleeping with his daddy! He was tiny. Ivy was very excited to hold his hand. She continued to wave to him just waiting for him to notice her :) I will have to teach her how to play hard to get!!


Yesterday (Just 3 weeks later) Kayla, Ivy, and I went to visit with Ashley and Brayden. It was so good to see them and I couldn't believe how much he had already changed! I got to see his eyes wide open and I just remember how demanding it is to have a newborn. They don't get hungry... they become starving!! Ivy was very curious. Each time Brayden let out a noise she was right there looking back and forth between Ashley and Brayden-- waiting to see what would happen next! Before long, Ivy and Brayden will be playing alongside one another with no apparent age difference. Ashley, you are such a good mommy and Brayden, you are so gorgeous!!!

~Mommy and Baby love~

Kayla cuddling sleepy Brayden and Ivy interested in his toes. No way was she going to look up for a picture!

Brayden is giving a half smile for the picture!!!

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