Saturday, January 17, 2009

Potty News Via Ivy

Ivy is happy indeed!! We had quite the afternoon with Ivy's potty issues. We have not had any constipation problems since Ivy first started formula. So yesterday it had been 2 days with no poop. My mom and I were about to take Ivy and run some errands when she started to act like she was going to go~ 2 hours later she was crying and clearly having major troubles. It was so sad! Finally, Greg and I decided to put her on her potty seat and maybe that would be more "natural"- if you will! :) Now, keep in mind we have the potty seat so that she can sit on it and play. We want her to be comfortable when we do start potty training. She sits on it while her bath water runs because we have had many incidents of peeing on the rug! So anyways, last night she sat on the potty and in about 2 minutes she pooped!!! We were so excited and shocked that she did it. We rewarded her with a few m&m's and lots of "YAY's"!! Maybe it will start something... most likely though it won't happen again for a little while. But none-the-less, it was an exciting event at our house!


  1. AWW! How cute! I'm glad she pooped! Maybe she will be easy to train :) Ella is obsessed with the potty--she puts her babies on it to pee, but she has yet to pee. I'm hoping potty training will be fairly easy this summer!

  2. Yay! How exciting!! I've been planning on getting a potty for Bailey to get used to, and now I'm definitely going to!!

  3. I'm glad she pooped! I got Ava a potty a long time ago..she has used it once and now has no desire to even sit on it!


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