Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's At the Lake

We had the second annual New Year celebration at my aunt's lake house. It is so much fun for everyone (minus Anthony and Chelsea... we missed you all lots!) to come together and visit. I have an aunt and some cousins that live in Alabama. They are not able to come to Louisville for the holidays but the lake get-away is really a perfect location for everyone to meet. We all were excited to meet Baby Cole who was born on November 26th to my cousin,Rachel and her husband, Brian. The new family is doing great! Cole was so sweet and made Greg and I have a large dose of baby fever! However, Ivy didn't feel the same! She didn't want Greg, Nana, or Mommy to hold Cole at all!! We had to take turns distracting her so that we could all get some loving in! :) Overall, it was a great time with family. Here are some pictures to capture our visit.

All the grandkids and great grandkids (minus Anthony)~ This was really funny because none of the babies wanted to cooperate . They all were ready for nap time!

Cole Trevor Mattioli~ so sweet!!!

Cooper brushing Ivy's hair :)

Cooper and Ivy hugging~ they had so much fun together! I have to brag on this little guy... he is not even 2 yet and he can already count to 20, tell you where he lives, and recognize a lot of shapes (including a trapezoid)!! CRAZY SMART!
Harper, Ivy, and Cooper taking a rest after a lot of jumping on Uncle Tony's bed!


  1. love baby Cole's outfit...where did they find that? I saw your dad at church yesterday and he was really sweet. I told him we were expecting a boy and he said you keep him it! Hope you have a great week.

  2. I love spending time with family! It looks like you all had a great time! It's so hard when some family members can't make it. :( I know how that goes.


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