Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

I got tagged by Lori to do this husband post and thought I would save it for his special day! Today is Greg's 24th birthday- yes, you did the math right- I am 1 year and 10 days older than him. (He will never let me live it down when I reach 30!) He is amazing and I am so proud to be called his wife. Happy Birthday, Hubby!

1. Where we met - Paul Jasinsky's party (I didn't want to go and my friend said that little soccer guy that you think is hot might be there... we didn't know Greg bc he was younger and had just moved to Lexington. My mom thought he looked 12-- for some reason I thought 12 was the new hot!!!)

2. Our First Date - We went out a lot with friends before we had a by ourself date.... our first date alone was to Charlie Brown's

3. How long did we date before we were married? - 4 years

4. How long have we been Hitched? - Just celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Jan8th

5. Favorite Feature - Physical feature- his smile :) and his strong arms

6. Favorite Quality - Greg is so calm, especially when I am the storm. I love that his demeanor is a perfect balance for mine. He is also a very hands on daddy and I am so appreciative for that.

7. His nickname for me - Sarahbone

8. His Favorite Color - Green and Brown

9. His Favorite Sport - Soccer (he has played since he was a little tyke) and he is not CRAZY about any sports on TV which I am thankful. Too many boys I know are in physical pain and are sour pusses when their teams loses.... ANNOYING! He watches but he is not like a sports stalker.

10. Who Said I Love You first - We dated for a year.... and then I said it. He did not say it in return for about 3 more months. This was so sad for my over dramatic 17 year old self but it was so special when he said it to me. It was the first person who really really meant it.

11. Our First Kiss when and where - In my driveway in his Taurus (how cool was he!!)

12. Favorite couple thing to do - Cuddle, get coffee, and be outside doing anything when the weather is nice.

13. His Hidden Talent - Greg is very artistic and crafty. He can fix anything, he sews, and he draws. He painted a mural on his ceiling in high school- that is probably one thing that totally won me over.

14. His Favorite Music - He likes anything chill (this is probably not how he would describe it)- unless he is working out and then he likes screaming/terrible music. He loves music and his favorite thing to do with Ivy is dance. Ivy requests "Bob" (bob marley)!!

15. What I admire most about him - He is the spiritual leader in our family. He is definitely a man of God. I never ever would doubt his love for Ivy and I.

16. His favorite pastimes - Riding his motorcycle, fishing, and drawing

17. Will he read this? - No- not until I tell him to. :)

I want to know why you love your husbands:
Kim, Terri, Ashley, Brooke, Nicole, Allie, Diana


  1. How fun is this?! Crazy thing is, Nick played club soccer with Paul when they were younger and they both played at Georgetown.

  2. nicole- what a small world it is!!!

  3. aw you love him! so cute.

    I dated Paul a bit back in the day! Weird. lol.

  4. greg is the man no doubt.

    i do have a couple of things to say about this little list here...was #9 a little jab at little brother? and how much longer till motorcycle is removed from "favorite past times"

  5. I am amazed at how long you all have been together! I love all the funny stories you tell about it all!


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