Monday, January 19, 2009

Out in the Snow

Putting on the finishing touches! We are now (after 25 minutes) prepared to face the elements. Ivy is excited to go "out"- she has been begging all morning!

Taking her first steps in her snow boots... what do you hear??

Choo- choo!! Ivy's current obsession...

As a result her favorite song- "I've Been Working On the Railroad"

High fives in the snow!

Taking a rest in the shade.... followed by sliding down the hill on her booty!

Happy to be outside!


  1. So cute--looks like fun! I am glad Greg could be home for it--plus, that enables mommy to be the photographer!

  2. Fun! Ivy would love our house... we have Chochos every 20 minutes! So sad you two can't make it to the shower :(

  3. it looks like you all had a fun family day in the snow!

  4. my kids are totally jealous...the downside of living in the south, no snow:( Ivy is adorable decked out in her snow gear!

  5. so cute...can't wait to see that little girl in a few days!!


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