Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Story of My Stretch Pants

Tula: "Oh no you didn't!!! Seriously? These jeans look TERRIBLE!"
Mama: "Awwww.... but you are so cute with your chubby bum!"
Tula: "No really.... I don't think I can move in these... not roll from side to side, not sit up, and honestly, I can barely breathe."
Mama: "Oh honey, I know the feeling... thanks to you, my love! I promise to take them off this instant, pack them in a box, never to be seen again!"

Due to this convo (and completely understanding my girl's pain) you will not be seeing Tula in jeans for the rest of her diapered life!


  1. Big bum is not so bad--being constricted in movement very bad. Good move, mommy--pajama jeans may be in her future!

  2. LOL yep jeans have been removed from our wardrobe for the most part, too. She does have one super cute pair that her aunt Sarah bought her from Gap & I've put her in a disposable to wear them a couple of times. They were way too cute to return. Sometimes she wears them to church because we have to wear a disposable there!

  3. You are SO funny! I totally agree with that! I feel so bad putting my new little one in jeans too... I now moved on to jeggings and they are wonderful! You should try them out!


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