Monday, January 24, 2011

Songs and Squeals

Come on into the Smorstad house.... these are the noises you will hear!

Ivy is always singing a new song. She is currently busy singing the months of the year. She now is not only planning for the here and now but she is asking about what she will be doing February through December. She is quite the planner- wonder where she got that from?? :)

Not only will you hear the songs of a toddler but you will also hear all sorts of snorts, giggles, and squeals coming from Miss Tula. We are loving the verbal stage that she is in and enjoy her happy talking! If this baby babble turns into the conversations, stories, and songs that we hear from Big Sister- Mommy and Daddy are never going to get in a word!

Just click on the links to watch the videos via you-tube....
I am not sure why I am having such a hard time embedding them lately! Any suggestions from you pro-bloggers? When I copy and paste the code to embed it a black box with a play button appears but it doesn't have the video???


  1. I'm loving Ivy's ensemble! And Tula's squeaks are just adorable, as is her peach fuzz hair (:

  2. Tula's getting big!!! I miss her so bad. And Ivy's face when that video first started is priceless.

  3. There's not many things that are better than baby squeals!

    Ivy is always singing the cutest little songs.


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