Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cloth Dipaers are a Doo!

Such a cheesy title but I couldn't help but to make a poo reference when talking about diapering!! (Wow- that is why the humor of second grade boys makes me laugh!)

I thought it was time to give you a cloth diapering update. We have now been using Gro-via cloth diapers for about 4 months. We are loving our choice to go with cloth. Here are some diapering truths to share with you:

1. Right at 4 months Tula went from pooping MULTIPLE (4-5 times) a day to just going once. So our diaper spraying is becoming a little less frequent and it is nice on the eyes to have less "stained" diapers!

2. Speaking of stains.... I don't like them.... I savored every sunny day through November to be able to hang the diapers to bleach dry. The sun makes them PERFECTLY white!! No trace of poo- it's awesome. However, if you hang your diapers out in December when they are wet and it is below 20 degrees they will FREEZE (but they will still bleach a little)!!

3. Gro-via has proven to be an amazing company.... we were having some trouble with the elasticity around the legs of a few diapers. After contacting the company to ask about this problem they sent a prepaid package for us to send the damaged shells to be repaired they also gave me some suggestions about tweaking our washing routine. Oops- we were the reason they were getting damaged!! Cheers to a great company :)

4. So our old wash routine:
First, wash on cold with no detergent on the largest water setting. (Acting as a huge rinse!)
Second, wash on hot with a scoop and a half of Tiny Bubble detergent on the largest water setting with an extra rinse.
Last, dry the liners and hang the shells.
In talking to Gro-via we learned that their particular shells are only supposed to be washed on warm not hot.... it can damage the elasticity.... oops! We then saw "wash on warm, line dry" printed on all 14 of our shells....again thankful for a forgiving company!

5. The cute big bum gets cuter by the day! It is starting to be a little more proportional to her cubby legs :) However, some outfits look a little less than flattering.... so when Tula gives me the "My butt looks huge!" look I respect her wishes a quickly change her from the button between the legs onesie and high pocket pants to the more in style leggings and long tunic style tops!! :)


  1. I LOVE it!! I love Gro-Via as well! I think I'm going to contact them about changing mine to the snaps. I also have totally been washing mine on hot & now I'm going to stop! Do you wash the shells separately on warm or do you just do all of them on warm?

    She looks SO cute in those!! I really love cloth diapers!!

  2. Oh my--what a cutie!

  3. I love reading your blog!!! It's really cute!! I really need to start one for our family...That old saying "kids say the darndest things" couldn't be further from the truth!!! Keep it going...I love it!!

  4. AHHH! I love her so much!!! She is such a cutey pie!!! let me know when you need a babysitter!

  5. She is sooooo sweet! I love that you change her clothes if her bum looks too big:)

  6. I was wondering how your diapering was going. Glad to hear you are happy with your choice. Elizabeth has definitely had some wardrobe issues with her fluffy bum! We love our leggins too.

  7. Austin and I are thinking cloth diapers are a good idea if ever we're graced with a baby. :) And, just to let you know, that thought is still not on the horizon but is also not as terrifying as it was two years ago. haha. Your two little girls are so stinking cute!


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