Monday, January 17, 2011

Letters to my sister

Dear Ivy,
I can't wait to be big like you! I watch every move you make and I can't wait to do it all with you. You are so good at showing me the ways of the world. I love when you "teach" me all the cool things my toys do the whole time saying "You see this, Tula Belle? You see? You see?" in the most excited voice ever. I just know you are probably always going to take the lead but what a good teacher you will be. We will play tea party, baby dolls, and princesses and you will be sure to show me how! We will swing on the swings, splash in the pool, and play at Chuckee Cheese's... I can't wait. For now, I am taking it all in... every day.... and never forgetting how much you love me. I am so glad you are my sister.
Tula Belle


  1. So cool to have a sister--they will have so much fun!

  2. This makes me even more ready to have little Peyton here. I'm an only child and have no idea what it's like to really have a sibling, and I can't wait to watch the girls interact. And what a sweet picture!

  3. so sweet and that is the greatest toy ever

  4. How sweet! I know what you mean about the babies just soaking it in. Colin will ask Sawyer, "What are you lookin' at, Buddy?!"

    I'm not sure who is more excited about the 2 of them playing together, Colin or me!


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