Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend.... Are you here yet?

Usually when you are 3 you could care less when the weekend arrives. You live by the moment playing from the time you wake up until you crash for bed. But Ivy has been waiting for this weekend with much anticipation. Everyday she would ask "Is it Friday?" and I would respond... "Not yet, sweet girl." Then she would immediately ask "Then is it Saturday?".... making me feel the need to use this teachable moment singing our days of the week to know that Friday has to come first. (The teacher in me can't resist!) It was painful for her to wait because this was a BIG weekend for Ivy! So you ask... what was in store on this very weekend??

Ivy and Mommy went on our first date to the movies. Ivy has been asking to see Tangled since the previews began airing. She has never shown any interest in going to the movies before this so I was excited! I wasn't sure if she would be able to sit and watch but as she asked more and more until I was convinced she was ready. I loved hearing her tell me what she thought the movies would be like and by the look on her face that wasn't what she expected at all!!! She was swallowed by the big movie chair and kept letting her eyes scan the room and the biggest TV ever. She squealed when Curious George was on the preview whispering.... "So Punzel knows George?" :) She loved the movie and her little snack pack. Not once did she get antsy! As much fun as Mama had, it made me a little sad to see how big she is. But growing up means more fun times together :) I can't wait until the next movie comes out! It was a great date night for Mommy and Ivy. And Daddy is already looking forward to his date with Ivy in February!

The movies wasn't the only BIG thing happening this weekend... can you guess what was planned for this morning?? Dance was starting back up! Ivy was up and ready to put on her new dance outfit before sunrise. She got a new leotard from Nana and Pops and some legwarmers perfect for wintertime from Meemaw and Papaw. She was ready to go and of course she needed a picture snapped of this occasion! She couldn't wait to see Ms. Mindy and all her friends and we are already looking forward to another recital this spring.

All in all, it is obvious that even 3 year olds know how to appreciate GOOD weekends!


  1. Tangled was a great movie! Bailey and I had a date to go see it when it first came out. I think I enjoyed it just as much, if not more than she did. She loves going to the movie theater!

    Ivy looks so big in her dance clothes!!

  2. Growing up so fast--Enjoy these special times.


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