Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Affair

I have been having a love affair... and I only wish it was with my husband!
Instead, I present to you....
Mr. Milk Man

Oh the lengths, you go to continue nursing your baby when you go back to work. My great lengths include two quick rendezvous with Mr. Milk Man in the utility closet hidden deep in the walls of Wilmore Elementary. I am surrounded by wires, old computers, the occasional creepy crawly, and enough dust bunnies to build Tula Belle a brand new stuffed animal!

But oh, how it is worth it! I am so excited that Tula and I have reached the 5 months of nursing mark this week. Ivy was done as my supply dwindled out at 4 months so I am patting myself on the back and cheering us on to keep going. My goal was to nurse Tula longer than I was able to do with Ivy and that I have accomplished- am I done? Absolutely not! It is going too well. My supply is meeting Tula's needs and she still prefers nursing over the bottle any day. My babysitter and lovely family members who have attempted feeding Tula would say prefers is a light word for the rejection she shows toward the bottle the first 15 minutes of every bottle feeding. (Sorry to you all... happy for me!) She is growing, growing complete with chubby cheeks and rolls up and down her thighs on this liquid gold alone.

I am so thankful for this time with my sweet baby and for her the love affair between the Milk Man and Mama will have to continue!


  1. You make me laugh! I am glad it is going better this time. I know you have worked hard and sacrificed for your baby--that's what mommas do!

  2. I remember my love affair with the milkman! :) Oh the joys of nursing! I was very lucky to share a closet with a good friend who didn't mind seeing my boobs on a frequent basis! ha

  3. Hahaha - I have to agree with your Momma on this one. My first thought after reading this post was, "You make me laugh!"

  4. AWESOME!!! I had my own little closet at Rosenwald where I pumped for about 4 weeks before everything just dried up for me. I think my body just knew it was different after 9 months of mainly just Isis. Oh well!!

    That's so great that it's working & you're able to keep up the supply for Tula! I totally agree, as long as it's going great, don't stop!!

  5. Brooke~ That is hilarious!!! I have some pumping friends but we all take turns. We should make it a social session :)

  6. I'm a slave to the black bag too! I was pumping in our storage room but there was no heat so now my loving co-workers share the bathroom with me. So now I can multi-task and go to the bathroom and pump at the same time! My boss should appreciate that since I'm spending less time away from my desk (: Congrats for making it this far!

  7. Love to hear this! I too spend some quality time at work in a closet with my pump. Yeah for making it to 5 months and cheering us both on to reach a longer goal!

  8. Sarah, This makes me laugh so hard... I love visions of the creepy closet... I can only imagine!


Thanks for your encouragement as I travel through this season of life called mommyhood!