Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Snow

As if we haven't had enough snow.... but honestly, I was hoping for this snow day. I like to call it our annual Valentine's Snow. Maybe you remember it last year... if gave me time to do too many little lady bug magnets with a two year old? I think it is God's way of giving precious moments of secret time to working moms. With this snow day, I was able to spend time with Ivy getting ready for her little Valentine's party at Kristy's. She already has her outfit picked out for the upcoming event and now each card is labeled so she is ready to go!

We decorated a Valentine's Box, looked through all 24 Olivia valentine's to find the perfect one for each of our friends, and even took time to make a "love fairy" wand with aluminum foil!

Ivy is VERY independent and likes to do it "her way". So it was absolutely unacceptable for me to even help her write her Valentine's.... wonder where she gets the stubbornness from? :) So this Mama had to ask God for patience many times over as she copied names onto cards with her "Valentime's Red" crayon for a whole 60 minutes!

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  1. Fun!! A great way to spend a snow day!


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