Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day we didn't have any big plans.... but Ivy did!! She has been talking about her Valentine Party at Kristy's for a few weeks. They decorated boxes and made several Valentine crafts leading up to the big party on Thursday. Ivy excitedly picked out Littlest Pet Shop Valentine cards for her friends, choose smarties to give out with them, and then hand picked each specific animal for all of the kids at Kristy's. We spent the snow day making lady bug magnets for each Valentine and she had her Valentine shirt picked out for the special day! She was ready and so excited.... and honestly, Mommy had so much fun preparing as well. It made her seem so grown up :) Ivy came home on Thursday beaming with her Valentine's box in tow, we read each card again and again and enjoyed some candy too!

Making magnets :)

The finished Valentine... of course she wanted to show you Rhett's (because he is her best friend!)

Posing at the end of the day, with her box, her shirt (made by Kendra here), and it wouldn't be Ivy in the winter without a head full of staticky hair!


  1. Ivy melts my heart--too cute!

  2. She is so sweet. Gabby was just looking at your blog with me and she said "Who is that beautiful girl?" It was seriously too cute. And she is right, Ivy is just so pretty!

  3. Adorable! Happy Valentine's Day Ivy :)


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