Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pregnant Thoughts

I am now into my 12th week of pregnancy and really showing. I started having to wear bigger clothes with Ivy at 12 weeks, but this time I look preggo by the 12th week.... I suppose that is something about your second baby. In the last week my belly has been transformed from a little pudge to the point when people are asking when I am due.... so I know the official baby bump is here. However, this stage of pregnancy is still hard for me. I feel so in between. I feel chubby not pregnant. I feel self conscious because NO clothes really fit me right. I feel sick at times. But I know the time of pregnancy that I enjoy is coming- so that is what I am waiting for!

I love being really pregnant! Even when I was HUGE with Ivy, I wasn't self conscious at that point. I love when I can feel every movement of the baby... even when a swift kick in the ribs doesn't feel so good it is just peace knowing that you are providing a home for a baby. I love knowing if it is a boy or a girl. I love planning and imagining what life will be like for our family. This time I will get to day dream about Ivy as a big sister.... which is one of the most exciting aspects of being pregnant for the second time. These are the thoughts that are keeping me going, excited about what is coming next in this stage of pregnancy.

Some weird (or totally normal) things happening in this pregnancy:
* I am still feeling VERY sick at times but medicine helps if I am proactive in taking it.

* My energy is seeming to come back.

*I could eat an entire box of cereal each day. I love it!!

* I have been craving chicken.... I know that may seem crazy. I haven't eaten or even craved meat once in over a year but right now I want chicken. I am eating it because I assume I need protein, since EGGS and FISH (my normal protein) are a bit repulsing to me. My husband and child tend to look at me like I am a cave woman!

* I am not reading anything about pregnancy this time. That stuff scared me a little bit last time so I am just going with the flow.

* I have a list of baby names (boy and girl) but I think deep down we already have a favorite for both, but we aren't totally ready to commit.

* I plan on "naming" the baby when I have the ultrasound, something I DID NOT do last time but want to do for Ivy's sake this time. I want her to create an identity for the baby.

* Just like last time I was pregnant, my first gut feeling was boy but then it changed to girl after my first doctor's appointment. So that is my guess.... girl.

* My scale at home is broken and I am glad. I was obsessing over weight at the beginning because I was so huge with Ivy. However, I am trying to eat healthy this time and exercise a few times a week. And if I still get huge, then I know it's just my body.

* I am super excited about baby #2- and no matter how much I don't feel comfortable with this stage of pregnancy I would do it again and again and again and again... oh, we better stop right there!!


  1. Wonder how many bloggers will think that picture is YOUR belly??

    I told you a while back--my gut feeling is girl. What a wonderful gift that would be for Ivy--a sister.

    I am glad you are thinking more babies--i want you to want house full!

  2. Absolutely can't wait!! and can't wait to see yall this weekend!

  3. mom~ if that is my belly at 12 weeks we are going to have a problem!!!!

  4. This is cute Sarah! I am huge as well! I swore I was having two until my Dr. said it's very normal to show early! I did not gain a pound until I was 20 weeks with Ella and I am wearing maternity clothes almost fulltime with this one unless I'm using the belly band! Don't stress :)

  5. Oh my gosh Sarah! Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you to have baby #2! it has definitely been an adjustment, but it's So fun!!! Babies are the best! You will have so much fun watching Ivy with the new one! I can't wait to findo out what you are having! YAY!!!!

  6. I bet you are super cute pregnant. I am glad you can still see the postive side of things despite some not so easy days! I am not sure I can be pregnant ever again. We better start saving for adoption!

    I also love the end. It can be miserable at times but I also enjoying "looking pregnant" and not just fat!

    Can't wait to find out what WE are having. SOOOO fun!

  7. I disliked the in between stage as well, because I wanted people to know I was pregnant and not think I was just chubby. I definitely practiced my "pregnant poses" :) I'm sorry you are sick, hopefully that will fade soon!

  8. you look super cute!!! I am excited to hear what it is, so make sure to post ASAP. Even though you have a few weeks

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  10. I'm so happy for you Sarah!! I loved being pregnant later in the pregnancy, too. The first trimester is a little tough for me, but I basically forgot by the end! I'd love to be pregnant like 5 times, but I think I can only manage the first part of having a baby maybe 3 times. Oh well! This is going to be so wonderful for you!! Enjoy every minute! I love that you aren't reading pregnancy stuff this time. I think that's a great idea! I want to do that next time too!

  11. The in-between stage is the worst but before you know it you'll be feeling that sweet baby! I'm excited to find out if you're having a boy or girl!

  12. Ok, so I'll admit I didn't want to ask because you said you have already popped out, but I was thinking.....HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

  13. Girl...stop eating! Your belly has gotten HUGE since I saw you last!!! haha

    You know that I don't think it's a girl....I KNOW it is a girl!

    Baby number 2 is just as wonderful as number 1. It's just amazing how you can love two people sooo much and that you don't even have to get to know them. You just love them from the first moment you see them (even if they do look like a snail)

  14. Oh no, oh no!!! I want a baaaabbyyy!!!! I can't wait to experience all of this, but I'll tell you what... I'm SO glad you will be well experienced in this area before me so that you'll know all the right things to encourage me with!! haha I'm so stinkin excited. And I still say boy even though I haven't hardly seen you preggo, haha!

  15. Pregnancy books scared me too. Now the websites that tell me what my baby should be doing freak me out...I don't read anything. I am so excited for you momma....I am sure you look adorable.

  16. I'm not reading anything this time around either. It's not so much that I scared myself last time (although that did happen plenty of times), I just haven't even thought about it. I actually still have to remind myself from time to time that I am pregnant! Poor second child, not only will he get tons of hand-me-downs, he's not even born yet and he's already getting forgotten!

    Thanks for the advice on potty training. I think he is interested so I don't want to stop now but it's very slow going. We're still at the stage where he tells me right AFTER he went in his diaper or in the floor. Practice, practice I suppose.


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