Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby Snail

We were excited to go to our first doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon. Greg and I were able to catch a glimpse of our sweet baby #2, kicking it's little legs and waving it's arms. It was exciting. It had a very strong.... very fast.... heartbeat at 180!!! That is what Ivy's was almost exactly- if that means anything on predicting gender. We also found out that I am in fact nearing my 11th week of pregnancy rather than my 9th. Our new due date is September 8th.

We came home and were quick to show Ivy a picture of the growing baby. She took a second look and then simply decided that it wasn't a baby. We told her it would grow into a brother or sister and the next time we got to take a picture she would join us. This morning she seemed to have had a revelation when she came barreling into our room at 7:20 to announce that the picture was not a baby but instead a snail!! Thus the new name, Baby Snail! I can't say I don't see where she saw her little sibling as a snail and I think she will be pleasantly surprised at the next ultrasound when it looks like a little baby rather than a measly snail :)

I can hardly stand the wait of finding out whether Ivy will have a baby brother or a sister! But regardless, we will be absolutely elated!


  1. Too cute and I love the nickname! I can hardly wait to find out the gender either. It is killing me:)

  2. That is actually quite smart of her! It does kind of look like that- although we all know what a sweet precious baby it is. :) I can't wait to find out what you are having either!

  3. How exciting!! I'm due September 3rd!!


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