Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fickle Pickle

Tula spending some quality time with her penguin paci (a gift from Ivy) and playing in her exersaucer!

Maybe you remember our paci situation upon Tula's arrival!!
It was a small battle.... Mommy didn't want Tula attached to the green hospital paci.... Tula didn't like any other kind.... Mommy gave in.... Tula wins the green paci.... End of Story! Bottom line, Mommy likes babies to have paci's so at the end of the day if Tula was calmed and soothed by the green, hospital paci then that was okay. However, green paci or any paci at all Tula didn't seem to love it the way Ivy loved her paci (here I go with my comparisons). But the paci would soothe her sometimes and that was maybe as good as it was going to get. Then at about 4 months- she no longer wanted the paci. What?!?!?! We would give it to her and she would act like she was gagging or not take it at all letting it roll and bounce across the floor. One day in a desperate attempt, I pulled a Nuk paci out of her dresser drawer and her eyes lit up and she sucked, sucked, and sucked some more. She was in love and soothed!! Tula might be a fickle pickle in choosing the right kind of paci but for quite some time she has been LOVING her little Nuk paci's to death! You will see Tula morning, noon, and night with a paci in her mouth and a twinkle in her eye and you just know she is smiling behind there! And this Mommy and Daddy (and sister, who has a true love for all things babies and paci's) are thankful that our little Pickle has found one that suits her just right!


  1. i miss your girls really badly right now. Tula looks so sweet and cuddly in all your pics. i need to see her the words of ivy: "are y'all EVER coming to see Unc and Esie!?!?"

  2. She is so sweet. Corin does not love her paci. She likes it ok but she can take it or leave it!


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