Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Don't you love the spooky "Thankful Thursday" icon? I stole it from Mindi's blog.
This Thursday I am thankful for:
1. Fall Break~ It may seem crazy to think that this part time workin' girl would be ready for a break. But I definitely am!! I still have 1 week until I have to turn myself back in a WES.
2. Date Night! Tomorrow Greg and I are going to have a date night. I can't wait to enjoy a yummy meal at Jalepeno's and probably a nice pumpkin spice latte for later in the evening.... all without toting Ivy girl along. Then on Saturday I have big dreams about sleeping in!! (Let's see if that really happens- I might be too eager to pick up the munchkin from Pops and Baba's house.)
3. Rain and Cool Weather ~ Seriously for those of you that are still loving the summer like October... I am so excited to see some cool temps in the near future. I have to say I am hoping not to see 80 degrees until Spring. I am ready for a wardrobe change.. pronto.
4. Babies ~ This week I have gotten to see Brayden, Owen, and Addy... all babies that are significantly smaller than Miss Ivy. I love holding them and watching them in all of their baby glory. It makes me miss the newborn stage. But then again, I am not quite ready to share my Mommy attention with anyone but Ivy Camille!
5. Hand-Me Downs!! I love me some used clothing from the nearest and dearest to my heart. Along the way, Ivy has benefited from the Setzer twinkies, Brooks & Savannah, and big sis, Laurel (all summer babies~ I pray we will always be on the same clothing schedule), Stella (now Ivy has probably caught up with our dear friend), and Ivy is even going to reuse the cutest skunk costume that John Hunter wore last year. I love love love hand me downs and I hope I can pass down these clothes some day! This follows suit with the reduce, reuse, and recycle plan that I am trying to follow. Greg says this will lessen our footprint on the earth :) Hope so, that is the least we could do for our mother earth!


  1. i am thrilled that ivy girl is going to be a "little stinker"... we miss you ivy girl!!!

  2. I like your spooky Thankful Thursday, and we loved seeing you this week! I'm jealous you got to see Owen!


Thanks for your encouragement as I travel through this season of life called mommyhood!