Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It is Thankful Thursday again!!!
1. Fall Break starts this Friday and I will not have to work for 12 days!! YAY
2. I love autumn and I feel like it is finally here. I hope it lasts awhile... not ready for winter just yet! God is such an artist and I really see that this time of year!

AND THE BIG ONE...........................

3. My NEW furniture. Greg and I were in NEED of new furniture. Our other stuff was 5 years old and had reached it's lifeline. It was dirt cheap and perfect newly-wed furniture.... but now we are a family and were ready for something "familish!!" I am re-in love with our house and feel like I am sitting on something luxurious. :) I am so so thankful for my new comfy living room!
*The quiet reader on the floor is an added bonus!

AND are you ready for this?????

I am NOT so thankful for our first full blown temper tantrum. You are probably thinking what did you do to cause a precious girl to kick, scream, and roll across the floor for 10 minutes.... nothing! I never figured out what brought this craziness on. I am hoping I don't see this again for a little while. Ivy and I had a nice talk and I told her she needs to spare me 10 more months. I will be ready for this when she is 2 (I hope)... but not yet!


  1. but at least she is acessorized... i cannot imagine that sweet thing throwing a fit... but she did it in style and in enough time to take photo.....

  2. Surely that is not my sweet grandbaby throwing a temper tantrum

  3. oo I like the new furniture!

  4. Don't worry-Natalie started throwing temper tantrums when she had just turned 1-though I think they are fewer in number compared to now as a 2 year old--and I read in a magazine that the terrible twos are really the terrible threes--I sure hope not! Your furniture is very pretty-just think my living room furniture is older than me-that's depressing!

  5. i sent u the pictures... let me know you got them....

  6. Cute new furniture! Ivy still looks adorable mid-tantrum! Can't wait for one of those in our house!

  7. Love the furniture! We have reached the tantrum stage as well! :( No fun!

  8. Thankful Thursday is such a cute idea! I might have to start doing that! I love your new furniture! it's amazing how new couches can make all the difference! Brynn has started throwing tantrums too... and seriously- I never know what to do either- so I just try to ignore her. But I honestly don't know why they throw these tantrums either!

  9. Love the new furniture! And oh, the fits have just begun! :)


Thanks for your encouragement as I travel through this season of life called mommyhood!