Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bangs or No Bangs???

Okay~ I need help making a decision. I am in quite the quandary about what to do with Miss Ivy's hair. It is stick straight and growing like a weed. I know what you are thinking; what is the problem? Well, Ivy refuses to wear a bow of any kind and the little pony tails seem to break her hair. So that leaves us with fixing her hair as is. We are in the weird, awkward length and her hair is hanging right in her eyes. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! I never planned on cutting her bangs but now I understand why many mom's choose this route.
a. It keeps it out of their eyes.
b. It covers the many bumps and bruises that Ivy gets daily when running into things. Her forehead seems to catch her when she falls.
c. It is easier than the waiting phase!
I know I am writing like I have made the decision but really I haven't. I don't want to regret this later- Help, help, help!! Any hair people reading this I want your expertise. (Lori- that is you! And Brooke- maybe your mom can give some advice). Or if you just have an opinion I would really love to hear it. I am dying to know what my fellow bloggers (or blog readers) think would be best for Ivy!


  1. I would say if you never planned on cutting bangs, then hold off and they will be long enough to do something with before you know it! The growing out process will be much longer if you cut some and then decide you don't like them. That is just my opinion though. If you like bangs, go for it! Miss Ivy will look cute no matter what you do with her hair. :)

  2. i am saying hold off... it is so cute and i love her hair... it will growing and by Christmas you will forget this was ever an issue:)

  3. That's a tough one! I think I would hold off just because you would have to keep the bangs trimmed and it would take a while for them to grow out if you decided you didn't like them. I'm totally biased though because I had the most hideous bangs up until 8th grade and just can't get over it!

  4. I always say no bangs b/c my mother cut me the worst bowl cut with too many bangs and it took me until high school to get over it. Layni's were pretty easy to grow out but she kept her bows in so that made it a little easier. By the way, I'm reading Twilight, too! I'm so glad you joined the "club." I HEART EDWARD!!

  5. I have the same problem!! Bailey has of course figured out how to pull her bows out and her hair just hangs right in her face. It drives me crazy! I'm going to try and hold off on bangs though.

  6. I always vowed by kids would not get bangs...and they haven't but they have gone through some wild hair stages. Gabby can not see at all right now and she pulls her bows out in like 5 minutes. Naomi went through the same thing, we always said she had a hair piece because her hair on top grew so much faster. It seriously looked like it was growing the wrong way. Finally it did grow in right and now her hair is perfect. She actually has never even had a hair cut:) Either way, I am sure Ivy will look super cute. It will grow either way, and if you do cut them, and don't like it, you can just know for sure, not to do it again. Hope this helps!


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