Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jesus Loves You and Your Tattoo!

Obviously, Greg and I are tattoo loving people! It is such an expression of art and many tattoos can be full of meaning. When I got my first one at age 17 my mom said she was getting one too. Well, she lied... until this past Tuesday when she finally did it.

Here is a picture of her. She was being so tough... Valerie was almost done. The whole time I kept telling her how much she had left.

By the way, Valerie at Electric Art is awesome. She has a degree in art and has been tattooing for a few years. They did an article about her in the Herald Leader. She did my Mother's Day tattoo and then my mom went to Valerie, too.

This is a very close up picture (not great quality) of the finished product. It is red and swollen but this weekend it looks great! For those of you that don't know my mom, her tattoo tells her story of loss. My mom was very close to both her mom and sister who have both passed away. My mom is such an example to me because even though she has suffered through seeing these loved ones go through long, horrible diseases she is so full of joy. She knows that in the end they will all hold hands when she enters heaven's gate. My granny and Aunt Vicki were two amazing and very godly women they will be forever missed.

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