Saturday, August 31, 2013

Joss' Nursery

Welcome to Joss Maven's nursery.... the third baby girl nursery in the Smorstad house! 

 With Ivy and Tula we used the wooden wall letters but for Joss we had this name sign made by a local artist in Wilmore.  She had made name plates for a friend's kids and I always loved them so this time around I wanted to use her.  I love it and I hope that Joss will want it in her room even as she grows!

Purple and green are my favorite colors so knowing I was having another girl I decided I had to use them.  Ivy's nursery was green and the bedding had multicolored polka dots.  For Tula we used the same bedding but painted the room coral to make it a little different.  But after 5 years of the same  bedding I decided to splurge a little and get brand new.  I love love love the purple!  

Joss' stuff!  
I knew I needed more storage than I had for Ivy and Tula's nursery since we have little storage in closets with our growing family.  I use the tubs for towels, blankets, socks, extra wipes, etc.  Then I was excited to fill the open spaces with my favorite baby books and bright colored toys.

 I am able to use the same green and white polka dotted rocker that I did with Tula's nursery and I love it.  I also love the ruffle curtains that Pinterest told me I could make but Target suggested I buy them instead since I don't know how to sew.  :) Homemade or store bought I love the girly touch they add to her room.

Wall art made by Daddy
My husband is awesome at photo shop so I found a quote that we both loved and then he created prints that we could use to go along with the quote.  He did a great job tying in the colors of her room.  I am thankful that he could save us money on the art since I definitely didn't save any money on making curtains!

Tiny baby Joss sleeping in a big cozy bed....

"Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains."


  1. I love the nursery! so pretty and calming!

  2. Cute Nursery! Can't go wrong with Pottery Barn bedding : )


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