Saturday, August 3, 2013

a never ending birthday

Ivy has been a lucky girl this week because we have celebrated and celebrated and celebrated some more!!  We only have a big party every other year but I promise on the off year no one is short changed for birthday fun.  She has been celebrating all month long with the "Happy Birthday" plate and having a family count down until the big day.  But the real celebration started this week.

On Sunday we met Nana and Pops for dinner at Red Robin (Ivy's pick!) and then went back to their house for a very pink, very yummy, chocolate chip ice cream cake.

Then she got to open a very special present from Nana and Pops.  Ivy adores jewelry but is always heart broken when her $5 plastic necklace or $10 multi colored charm bracelet can't stand the test of time.  So she got her first very big girl piece of jewelry.  They bought her a Pandora bracelet and got it started with her birthstone charm and a cupcake.  She is taking great care of it and loves it! 

Tuesday was the second celebration with Pawpaw.  He is such a great Pawpaw I might add! :) He had been talking to Greg about what to get Ivy and Greg was explaining to him that she was getting an American Girl doll and she circled EVERYTHING in the catalog that she wanted for her expected birthday present.  So he was going to get her a gift card/money- but he couldn't bear the thought of no presents.  So along came Pawpaw bearing Jimmy John's (another Ivy favorite), a card with AG money, a Lego friends set, and a Belle doll.  WOW!  Ivy was so appreciative and Greg and I always melt at his thoughtfulness for his granddaughters.

 He didn't come without a plan!  Pawpaw brought a fun backyard game called Bull's Eye Ring Toss and it was so much fun.  I think the rules were adjusted for Ivy and Tula to play and be successful but it was really fun.  I am already thinking about that as a possible Christmas present.... shhhh.... it's okay to plan ahead!

Wednesday, July 31st
Ivy's real birthday fell right in the middle of the week!  But that didn't stop the birthday celebration from starting by 7:45 am.  Greg stayed home from work for a little while in the morning so we could let her open presents.  She was thrilled to open her Look-Alike American Girl Doll, who she named Lillian.  Tula gave her the special doll hair brush and a pair of doll pajamas.  She was so excited!  Greg followed up with going to get her McDonald's breakfast before leaving for work! 

We then went to Nana's house where she was greeted with a balloon bouquet and asked what she would like to do for lunch on her special day.....

She picked Gattitown which was so much fun!  Tula and her played and played and then ate and ate.  Fun was had by all.  

Tonight is the last of the birthday fun!  Ivy planned for Kennedy to spend the night but not before a fun afternoon at Mad Potter making little jewelry boxes.... a heart for Ivy and a cupcake for Kennedy.  They both have the rainbow theme.... do you see it?  Then we ate and played at the Chic-fil-a play place and came home and finished out the evening in the back yard.  All three girls- Tula included- (plus two American Girl dolls in perfect pajamas) are sound asleep by 9:00pm in one room.  The big girls have been so sweet to include Tula in their fun tonight.  Tula thinks she's won big because their sleepover allowed her to sleep on the top bunk! 

Overall, I think Ivy had a great birthday week but I have to say I am sleepy!  When I have three daughters with three birthdays spanning from July 31st to September 1st there is no way I can keep up with these marathon celebrations.... but then again, I probably will because a birthday only comes once a year and those are the times when memories are made, children feel special, and lots of cake can be eaten!

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