Wednesday, August 28, 2013

tiny dancer

 Dressed and ready 1 hour before her first dance class!

 Tula has been the little tag-along to Ivy's dance classes since she was born and finally after years of trying to interrupt every ballet class, stealing too small dance shoes, and performing alongside Ivy in our family room recitals it is Tula's turn.  Last week Tula started her first kinderdance class and after a week of deciding what she thought about it- she loves it! 

 Ms. Mindy taking Tula into her first class.  Tula isn't sure what to think about going by herself but she is super comfortable in Ms. Mindy's arms! 

During the first class Tula was a little hesitant.  She came home and didn't say much about dance.  She did say she didn't know if she was going back and then she cried because she wanted to be in Ivy's class.  Tula is so used to being with Ivy that she tends to use her as a security blanket.  Ivy loves being able to comfort Tula through new situations, especially those that Ivy knows lots about.  She encouraged Tula by talking about wearing ballet and tap shoes.  She told her that you get to wear make up for the recital.  And her last thing was about how much she would learn about being a ballerina.  Tula picked the same bed time book about a little bunny that wanted to be a ballerina several times after going to dance.  By week 2, she was excited and walked right into class!  She came home and showed us her moves and is ready to go back next Monday.  I am excited for Tula to have "her thing" while adjusting to life as a big sister!

Ivy was excited to go to ballet!

Last semester Ivy took a break from ballet and tap and did hip hop instead.  She knew from week 2 of that class that she didn't like it as much but she finished it out.  She liked the dance and loved the recital costume but was ready for "prettier" dancing.  Ivy was more than ready for ballet to start and she is already looking forward to The Nutcracker. 


  1. 2 of the cutest little ballerinas I've ever seen!


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