Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big Sister, Back to School, and Prayers

Well, God timed this pregnancy wonderfully! I was able to enjoy all summer with my big girls, nest away at home, organize and prepare a classroom for new 2nd grade Smarties, and get my big girls ready for the school year! Then beginning today, I will enjoy 12 weeks of maternity leave bonding with our new baby girl who will be arriving in just a few hours.  So thankful for how sovereign our God is.  

Yesterday was Tula's first day back at school.  She moved up to the 3 year old room with lots of her friends and a new teacher, Ms. Kim.  She was excited in the morning to go to school but I did hear that throughout the day she was a touch clingy and missing her sister, Daddy, and Mommy.  I suppose that is to be expected... maybe even for the next few weeks.

In the afternoon, she wasn't really willing to talk about school but was more worried about everyone else in the family.... what's open house?  where are you going?  when is the baby coming? Tula's always asking questions. I am most anxious for the transition that today brings for Tula.  She is my little one, my snuggler, and I think she really reads into situations more than Ivy did at this age.  I hope I have done all that I can to prepare her for big sisterhood and I just have to let God walk us through the rest.  He is our comforter and peace and I know He is the ultimate Father to Tula.  He also planned her place perfectly in our family... the middle girl... I know He will walk us along this journey and help us to be the best parents we can be to each of our girls.
Last night, Ivy and I shared our Open House night.  How fun!  I was excited to see her walk down the hall, right past my classroom, with her Daddy to go and meet her new teacher, Ms. Paschal.  She is excited for first grade and to be at school with me, but a little anxious about the changes too.  I won't get to be at home to take pictures with her tomorrow, her first day of 1st grade, but I can't wait for her to come visit Joss and I and tell us all about her day.

I reminisced with Ivy about 3 years ago when Tula was born.  I was able to share honestly with her about how I worried about her, my little baby, adjusting to being a big sister.  I was able to tell her about how great she did with the transition- how she was never rough with Tula, how nurturing she was, how content she was to mommy her babydolls right alongside me, and how proud I was of the big sister she has become.  Then I was able to prepare her for how Tula might be feeling over the next few weeks.... lost somewhere between not big enough and not little enough.  I asked Ivy if she would really help to teach Tula (without bossing her) about being a big sister to Joss.  She seems excited to take on this teacher role!  

I love this picture of my three loves.... about to grow by one.  I feel like it is a picture of exactly where we are and even shows the exact emotions that I feel like each of my family members are feeling during this time.

I see a Husband and a Daddy, so proud of his 2 girls.  I see him smiling but wanting to provide in every way this week, this big back to school week, but wanting to be at the hospital with Joss and I.  I see him a little nervous, but excited about what is to come.  Could you pray for Greg this week?  Could you pray that he is able to juggle being a single parent as Ivy starts back to school, Tula transitions to big sister, and we welcome our little Joss Maven?  Could you pray that he has peace, comfort, and strength this week as he fills so many roles?

I see Ivy, big sister, excited for another sweet baby.  I see a genuine smile and I see how comforted she is with Greg right there.  But I also am replaying all of her first day of school questions and knowing I won't be there on Wednesday morning to reassure her.  Could you pray for Ivy on Wednesday morning? Pray that she is excited and not anxious to start 1st grade at Wilmore.  Silly as it is, pray that she is confident in her 1st day of school outfit and the way her daddy fixes her hair.  Pray that she knows that I will be just down the road praying for her too.  

I see Tula, little one, nervous and pouting about the changes.  I see her holding on tight to being her Daddy's baby and being Ivy's baby sister.  I see her brow lined wrinkled with worry about the unexpected.  What will Joss be like?  Why will Mommy sleep at the hospital?  Where will it hurt after the baby comes?  So many questions.  Could you pray for Tula as she adjusts to being a big sister?  Pray that she feels an overwhelming amount of love from everyone.  Pray that she bonds with Joss and is excited to help with gentle hands.  Pray that she thrives in the normalcy and routine of her new class.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for praying our family through this week of transitions and for praising God for our new little blessing that should arrive in just a few hours.


  1. i am honored to pray for all of you. i love your wisdom for Tula. Caitlin was the same way. i always reminded her that the middle of the Oreo was the "best" part of the cookie. It ws our little secret. She always thought she was so special! I also had a special doll that was given to her from Jordan" as a gift to his new BIG sister. She liked that alot! You have a heart that sees deeply and you trust God's Sovereignty in all of this so well. It will have bumps and glitches but i am confident you will have a wonderful welcoming of baby Joss. She will be a beautiful addition to a beautiful family. God bless this morning and know you are all being lifted to the One who loves and cares for ALL of you best. Blessings and hugs!!!

  2. What an amazing post, Sarah! You captured so many honest emotions and thoughts here. I had tears as I read this as I sensed so many memories to come for your family just this week. Praying for you all! The Garrisons

  3. Great post that I'm sure you all will treasure. Will keep on praying for the specific things you've mentioned.

  4. Love!! Praying for all that you requested---plus one special one you missed....praying for you my dear child. I love you!


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