Thursday, August 22, 2013

you know you're the mom of a newborn...

Being a mama of a newborn is totally worth it when you get to marvel at this sweet face!

I think the the list of "you know you're the mom a newborn" changes drastically with each additional child but all mamas can probably relate.  I know when Ivy was born I was a little too serious to ever come up with a list like this in my head.  Raising her was like an operation complete with typed schedules and timers.  Then with Tula I started to find some of the post baby things humorous but I chose to write "how to's" like some expert now that I had two children.... how to use cloth diapers, how to establish a night time routine, blah, blah, blah.  I apologize for those- I am no baby whisperer... and the number of children you have doesn't make you more of an expert rather it probably lengthens that list of things you have learned titled: "how to not ruin your child!" But now with Baby Joss, I have the right combo of enjoying the sweet smelling newborn and finding humor (appropriate or not) of the funny situations you are put in when you have a newborn in the house.

You know you're the mom of a newborn when....

1. You think of everything in terms of a 3 hour schedule.

2. You are wearing pajamas (and enjoying them) more than half of your day! I have about 6 hours maximum of real clothes wearing :) 

3. When you do have to "get dressed" the clothes are flying and creating heaps in your bedroom because NOTHING fits.... pregnancy clothes are much too big, non-pregnancy clothes are way too tight, your boobs are busting out of your nursing bra, and your husband dried the only 2 things that feel good.

4. You wake up EVERY morning drenched- whether it was the night sweat thanks to the lovely hormone changes or major milk leakage you are not sure.

5. Every time you sit down to eat a meal the mother/baby ESP occurs and they must eat RIGHT THEN!

6. Boobs and boob conversations are now part of your daily dinners so that you can eat as a family.... you can imagine that Tula is quite humored by the inappropriateness of this dinner set up while Ivy is quite embarrassed.  Don't worry we won't be having dinner guests any time soon.

7. Your brain fails you often... like when you make oatmeal for breakfast and then put the oats in the fridge door and the milk in the pantry. FAIL!

8. You get used to wearing MAMMOTH maxi pads.... hey, maybe they are helping me to sit up taller.  Definitely a perk with the post pregnancy body.

9. You start hearing the "sweet nothings" that your breast pump chants to you each time you turn it on.  Seriously.... breast pumps "talk"! Who knew?

10. You become overly excited for mundane things like the time on the clock in the middle of the night showing you your baby slept longer than expected, the number of breast milk droplets you are collecting each morning with your handy dandy pump, and the giddiness that overtakes you when your baby keeps that paci in and you don't have to permanently hang your arm into the bassinet through the night. 


And in the end.... it is all worth it.

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