Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Ivy Girl

Dear Ivy,
It is hard for me to say your age out loud..... 6..... 6..... it just sounds big, so much more grown up than 5 to me.  I feel like I was still able to clump 5 in with toddler/preschooler but 6 has to move on up.  You are officially school aged, 1st grade school age.  6 must even sound big to you because you have had a few "I am 6 now so...." proclamations today that have made me laugh.

"I am 6 now so I really should never ever take a nap again!" (It has been really so lovely that you have napped every weekend of kindergarten and pretty much every day of this summer.  What a treat for Mama!)

Needless to say, I obliged to your no more naps request, unless it is a special occasion like post sleep over, the day after a really really late night, or when you have been sick. 

"I am 6 now so I can bring this cup (big girl cup) in here (on the couch)." Your reasoning- you see grown ups to it at parties.

My dear, 6 is hardly a grown up, and you will leave your big girl cup in the kitchen for now.  Thank you!

I have also hear lots of remarks that make me fear that you are acting 6- teen rather than simply 6.

"Whatever....."  **   "You don't even know...."  **   "Who really cares?" 

All sayings that I don't like one bit, but sadly you might just repeating what you hear because sometimes sarcasm escapes my mouth in the worst of ways! So I'll have to keep correcting you for now and you are allowed to use sarcasm later in life and I'll be able to laugh with you.

This year has been big for you!  You have grown up a lot, learned to be a bit more flexible, and wow bravery is probably the theme of this year and it makes us so proud to be the parents of the courageous little girl you have become.  You learned a large dose of independence in kindergarten with things like riding the bus, unpacking your belongings at home, and taking care of jackets and many accessories (bows, headbands, jewelry) at school.  You also have become accustomed to being flexible to your toddler sister that has invaded your space and now shares your big girl room.  You loose your cool with her messiness from time to time, but that is even normal when you are 29- speaking from experience!  We have changed our plans last minute- even today on your birthday- and sister, you just went with it.  No whining or complaining but rather embracing the new plan, jumping in feet first, and not looking back.  And bravery- you have spent the night at a friend's house, you have learned to ride your bike without training wheels, you jumped off the diving board without a float, you swim all over the pool with ease, you slid down the big slide at the orchard, you rode big kid fair rides, and you really were brave with big waves in the ocean.  That's quite a list of huge accomplishments for one 6 year old girl!

I am proud of the Jesus follower you have become too.  I have a secret, your Daddy and I started praying for you to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in your heart and we have been committed to doing so.  We want you to feel that uncomfortable stir when you make a mistake just the same way that we want you to feel comfort, peace, and His grace at other times.  Our prayers are being heard and answered, little one.  You have had many changes over the last few months in the way you respond to conflict and we know that can only be the power of our God.  You have also remembered people to pray for and have shown us that your child like faith in the midst of anything can be an example to us.  You have expressed an interest in being baptized, asking Jesus into your heart, but have said you aren't ready to do that in front of everyone.  Right now we are hoping that your heart is continuing to be molded and shaped and getting ready for that big commitment to allow Jesus in and follow Him forever but we want you to really get the decision that you are making.  I know that will be a joyous day for us as parents and it will happen before long!

I am thankful to be your mama.  Like I told you this morning, the day you were born my dreams really did come true, and you will always be the daughter that made that dream of being a mother happen.  You teach me just as much about myself and my weaknesses, as I teach you about life.  You will always be my guinea pig child where I try and fail and try and fail and hopefully, eventually figure out this motherhood journey.  I love you and am proud to be your mama.  I can't wait to see what your 6th year holds!

Happy birthday, Ivy Girl!

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