Sunday, September 1, 2013

a 3rd birthday letter to Tula

Dear Tula Belle,
How is it that you are 3 years old already?  My little bitty Tula is the big 3!  Now not much about you is big at all really.... well, besides your feisty, wild woman personality!  You are small in stature (and probably always will be that way) but where you lack in height you make up for with your quick wit, adventurous spirit, and big moods. 

When you turned 2 I would have called you calm, laid back, quiet, and go with the flow.  Well, this year you showed me that isn't who you are at all!  You are loud... always.  You talk loud in regular conversations, even if I whisper to you.  When I tell you to talk quiet in the early mornings, you always look back up at me with your big eyes and say in a shout, "Why, mommy?" So much for that! You giggle loud, you play loud, and you love loud.   How can you love loud?  Well, it's something that I adore about you.  You give the tightest hugs around our necks without even being asked.  You offer kisses to anyone in the family, even great Pawpaw, and oh how he smiles when you give him kisses.  You always are quick to make friends wherever we go and you invite them to your house or invite yourself to theirs.  And you never forget the friends you meet! People never doubt your loving spirit.... well unless you are mad!

You love loud and you don't love loud, just the same!  The laid back, go with the flow Tula stopped around the age of 2 and half.  As quick as you are offering compliments and affection, you get mad easily too.  You like to say "bad words"- like "shut your mouth up"- when you don't like what someone is saying. You make grouchy faces at people and explain to them that you want them to "Go away!"  You usually can add exactly why you want them to go away and it is usually because they have told you no.  You tell us that we make you sad when we discipline you and you cross your arms, wrinkle your brow, and stomp around.  As angry as you get we are always surprised at how quick you accept an apology or give one out when you have made a mistake.  We are always ready for the lovey Tula to return!

At 3, you are still the same cuddly baby that you have always been.  I hope even through your third year you let us hold you.  I hope you will always crawl into my lap and enjoy being rocked.  I hope that you'll stay small enough to sit with me in the same chair to read a story, watch a movie, or just sit.  Right now, you are enjoying cuddling your baby sister, Joss.  Holding her is your favorite thing and you do a pretty good job!  You also are letting Ivy cuddle you more than usual.  I think you have found the sweet spot of being both the big sister and the little sister and you fit there perfectly! 

Over the last few months, play time has really changed! It has been exciting to watch you learn to mommy your babies.  Your eyes lit up to see your new stroller, diaper bag with a changing pad (just like Caroline's mommy!!), and new baby doll this morning.  You love to change diapers- it gives you an excuse to talk about poop! (One of your favorite "bad words" to say!) You also have a deep love for Rapunzel.  You have watched that movie at least 50 times- the only movie you will sit through- and you can quote a good bit of it! It has been fun to start to be able to play games with you.  You love to win though so if you aren't winning you are done and packing the game back up. 

I know that 3 is going to be a great year for you!  I can't wait to see more of your personality shine.  I am proud of the confident little one you have become and I am excited to see that manifest even more over this year.  I love the way you love and I love the way you know what you want- even if as your mommy, it drives me a little crazy at times! I hope that this year you learn even more about Jesus and how much He loves you.  He has such a plan for your life and I can't wait to watch it unfold.  I am blessed to be your mama... what a gift!

Happy 3rd birthday, Tula Belle! 
I love you,

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