Friday, September 13, 2013

Joss @ 1 month

Joss Maven
1 month on 9/13/13

The first month is a bit of a whirlwind for the baby and the family.  The baby is adjusting to being outside in this crazy world and the family is learning what is like to have a new little person around. The first month is full of ups and downs and is always quite the roller coaster- that has been true in my 1st, 2nd, and now 3rd time mom experience.  So here is a quick recap on our first month with this sweet little bundle! 

The Ups....
* Sleep!  Joss loves night time sleep and sleeps a minimum 5 hour stretch, maximum 7 hour stretch at night.  The past week it has been at least 6 and half hours each night.  Typically she eats at 10:30pm and then not again until 5am or after.  I am feeling awesome- like I can do anything with better sleep than I have had in all of my pregnancy!

* The meals- oh my!  We are still getting served by the most loving and kind church and work families.  We have been receiving meals Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and it has been wonderful to have that extra time as a family when Greg gets home from work.

*Healing.  I am healing without any complications from my 3rd c-section.  I am ready to go to Jazzercise but I have a couple more weeks until I am allowed to go back.

* Big sister, Little Sister, Baby Sister- Everyone is finding their role! The big sisters are a huge help.  Tula is a better help when Ivy isn't there to to overtake.  Ivy is a better help when she is only helping Joss or Tula not both.  Joss loves both her big sisters and doesn't seem to mind the constant in her face, singing, shaking toys, and ohhhh-ing over her! 

* Cloth diapers- Joss is wearing the cute big booty diapers!  I love it!

* Nursing- Nursing is going really well (Joss is the first baby that has latched right on without ever needing a nipple shield- Go Joss!) but it has not been without challenges. 

The Downs....
* Weight Gain- Joss did not get up to her birth weight until 3 and a half weeks.  During this time I visited the lactation consultant and found that something was going on- either lack of milk or an inefficient baby.  So for 1 week I pumped after EVERY feeding then I gave the extra milk to Joss.  She gained 5oz in 5 days but it made for a very tired mommy!
* Mastitis- I "weaned" from pumping so much a little too fast and Joss slept two nights in a row for 7 hours and BAM I was hit with mastitis.  It was terrible!  I am feeling better, on antibiotics, and having to set an alarm to pump during the night.  

* Baby acne or some crazy rash! Joss has had terrible baby acne or a reaction to baby soap.  Still not sure which but it is awful.  I am hoping it will pass soon but for now it is still pretty rough.

* The Stretch- I feel very stretched being mom to 3 little ones, wife to 1 wonderful husband, and still having all my 2nd grade SMARTIES on my mind.  I am learning to find a balance to be all these things but I am sure feeling a little more stretched is just the new normal.  

Joss Maven has been here for 1 month.  She is such a blessing to us and really feels like she completes our family.  I am thankful for another little girl to love and the special bond that Ivy, Tula, and Joss will have as they grow up together.  Looking forward to the next month's roller coaster of loving this little one!

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  1. It is amazing how life changes with the addition of another blessing. I was blessed with a third newborn that slept for long stretches as well and it makes such a difference. God knew we would need the energy for the daytime fun with 3! Glad to hear your family is doing well.


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