Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tula's All Day Celebration

Since Tula's birthday fell on the weekend we were able to celebrate her birthday ALL day and have everyone involved! We partied from 7:30am to about 9:00pm- needless to say, Tula was partied out! We knew she felt like her birthday lasted forever when she kept asking, "Is it still my birthday????" 

In the morning....
One of my favorite birthday traditions is getting to pick your favorite breakfast and starting the day with singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the first candles of the day!  Tula loved singing to herself and was all smiles every time we sang.  She got to eat breakfast on the special birthday plate and she gets to continue to use it all of September!

Tula got to open presents from Mommy, Daddy, Ivy, and Joss in the morning!  This took her forever!  I appreciated Tula's sweet demeanor with her presents.  She would open one play for 15 minutes before opening another. (Total opposite of her big sister who opens as fast as she can!) She asked for all things baby doll!  She wanted her own, new stroller, a soft baby doll, and a diaper bag with a changing pad.  She changed every baby doll in our house's diapers no less than 10 times on Sunday!

Tula's new goodies!

In the evening...
Tula requested to go eat at the "green" Mexican place.  This girl LOVES mexican food so we went to Fiesta and she ate her usual cheese quesadilla, rice, and bean and we had the company of Nana, Pops, and Pawpaw joining us.  Then we came home to open presents.  She was showered with lots of goodies from her grandparents!
She was excited about these little Calico Critter baby elephants and bunk beds! 
Nana and Pops got her all things Rapunzel!  And new dress to call her own (she has been wearing Ivy's), new Rapunzel shoes, and a Rapunzel crown!  Can you guess was Tula Belle wants to be for Halloween?
  Pawpaw treated Tula with a castle Lego set, Chutes and Ladders, stuffed animals, and a bike helmet and bell!

Tula waited ALL DAY long for her birthday cake!!! She asked about her Rapunzel cake (the only thing she really asked for for her birthday) from the time she woke up!  She loved the hair, the flowers, the purple, and the fancy lanterns.  The cake did not disappoint as it was delicious and beautiful!
We missed our Unc and Esie but we got to face time with them after playing the Egg Race game that they sent to Tula. (Tula can't wait to play it with them!)  It was the best!  Tula held her egg in one hand and spoon in the other :) and ran with all her might.  She cried when someone else's egg broke for fear that they broke her game! We tried to explain and show her but the breaking of the eggs was still a little traumatic!

Tula had a great day and we had a great day celebrating our little, bitty 3 year old!  I know she felt so special and enjoyed her day from sun up to sun down!  Next year, both girls are looking forward to a friend party and I already have plans a brewing!

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