Sunday, September 22, 2013

coming into big sisterhood

 Tula is coming into her own big sisterhood and it is so sweet and so exhausting at the same time.  Mondays and Fridays Tula stays home from pre-school and enjoys time with Joss and I.  It started out as the most "wear you out" days of my week when on my first solo day I texted Greg by 8:30am to say.... "Tula as big sister- this is for the birds- sheesh!" but now she is coming into her own in this role and Greg gets precious pictures sent to him at work of Tula loving on her baby sister. I am so thankful that the sweet moments are now outweighing the terrible ones and that God is allowing me to see a bright future with these 3 little ladies.

At first big sister was a foreign concept for the baby sister.  That is what Tula knew.... life as baby sister.  Then on August 13th her world was rocked with a new baby in town and an identity crisis that followed for Tula. She was lost somewhere between not as big as Ivy and not as little as Joss.  Ivy was now cuddling a new baby sister, Mommy and Daddy were asking Tula to help us, but inside Tula still felt like the baby that longed to be carried, cuddled, and needed everyone to help her. I have to say lots of temper tantrums occurred in our first week at home as a family of 5.

But prayers were answered and I had so much patience with Tula because I expected this behavior.  I knew it was coming before Joss was even born and I knew I would have to teach her how to be the big sister but still give her time to be the baby sister with Daddy and Mommy. I am thankful for that insight and thankful that I was able to work through it without pulling my hair out.  After a little more than a month we have found our sweet spot.

Life is not perfect but we have a rhythm.  Tula loves to help.  She wants to sing to Joss.  She wants to give her the her paci and blankie.  She wants to hold her hand.  She wants to kiss her.  We let Tula do anything that she can to be our helper.  This is how she has found herself as a big sister.  In her big sister role, she is also playing with Ivy and doing big sister things.  They swing on the swing set in the big swings together.  They build forts and play in their imaginary baby or princess world for much longer than ever before.  Tula is acting older and Ivy is seeing her as a playmate.  On the other side, she also needs time to sit on my lap and be rocked.  She likes to be read to and from time to time you will find her sitting in the bouncy seat, sucking her thumb, and twirling her blankie.  For those little moments, I let her be the baby that I know she still is at times. 

Tula is excited that Joss and her will be playmates, best friends, and sisters in the same way Ivy and her are.  She can't wait for Joss to come to Wilmore Daycare with her so she won't be "lonely" and she is already trying to figure out how old Joss will be when she is 5, 6, and 10.  

I am feeling blessed and thankful to have 3 little girls.  I know people shake their heads and think of the drama that will unfold in our home but I have to focus on the good and special bond of sisterhood that is at Ivy, Tula, and Joss' fingertips- shopping trips, sharing clothes, and standing by one another on their wedding days.  Daddy and Mommy have a job to do to foster a love between these little girls and I pray that with God's guidance we will be able to do just that!

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