Tuesday, August 28, 2012

an easier, busy life

When school first starts I have so much excitement about a new year and new students~ but I on the other hand, I also get VERY overwhelmed with how busy life gets at home! I can barely think straight.... so you know what makes me feel better.... ORGANIZATION!

So I have started a few things that are life savers as we get into the swing of the school year with a school age child.

The back pack and important paper station!
Ivy and Tula (yes, even Tula) know to hang their backpacks up on the hooks each day.  I have also taught Ivy to take out her daily binder and put it in the "mailbox."  When life gets less hectic (post dinner time) I am able to look through the binder, her papers, and see what is left for me to do.  I assure Ivy that I will put what she needs back in her backpack before the morning.  This prevents papers flying all over the kitchen while we are trying to unpack bags and us losing something important.

Sunday Night Cooking
I don't love to cook, and I really don't love to cook after a day at work.  So, I plan on cooking a large meal on Sunday evening that we will be able to stretch to at least 2 nights.  Then we can eat easy on the other 2 nights.  This takes some of the craziness out of that terrible hour between coming home and dinner time, when everyone needs you and there isn't enough Mommy to go around!
The Clothes Rack
Clothes are a problem with Ivy and we do not have one extra minute to deliberate in the morning.  So I hung this little organizer in her closet.  Over the weekend she picks out 5 outfits to put in each slot making sure gym day has the proper attire.  Then in the morning there is no guess work, no changing minds.  She is allowed to pick out all of her outfits but she will loose that privilege if there are any clothes arguments in the morning.  That is a privilege worth keeping and not picking an outfit EVERY night has been wonderful!

Soaking up the outdoors
Nothing makes my family happy like getting outside! So right now while it is still nice (looking forward to it being a little cooler)  we are getting outside everyday.  Taking walks, riding bikes, drawing with chalk, or playing on the swing set is medicine to the soul!  

I know that in the next few weeks we will wind down and be settled into the new routine but for now organization is the key to my sanity! Any tips that you use that you would be willing to share? I'll take all I can get!


  1. Never would have thought of using the closet shelf organizer for the weekly outfits, so creative! Maybe I need to do that for myself, haha : )

  2. These are wonderful tips Sarah! I have been craving organization in my house as well since school has started and have been trying to think of ways to do that. These definitely help! I also really like the clothes rack in the closet idea!


Thanks for your encouragement as I travel through this season of life called mommyhood!