Sunday, August 12, 2012

A day at 3 zoos!!

The last day of summer, Nana, the girls, and I set out to enjoy a wonderful day. We packed it full of fun trips to 3 "zoos!" Not really, but it sort of felt like it!
First, we went to visit my Pawpaw at his assisted living facility.  We had an excellent visit with him and he was quite humored with Tula's silliness and enjoyed telling Ivy all about his life.  Since moving there, he is doing wonderful and seems so relaxed.  It is a blessing to see him so calm in this environment.  He was great but Tula and Ivy were a little nervous with some of the other "oldies" (Ivy calls them)..... thus we made this our first zoo trip of the day!
Next we drove over to the real zoo!  Tula's first zoo visit aside from Animal Kingdom in Disney World (which she doesn't remember) and Ivy's first visit to the zoo since she was 2! None the less, it was a great adventure. 
Tula loved the petting zoo and wanted to go "ober" all the fences to get a touch closer to the animals.  She was obsessed with the "Big Booty" (Thanks, nana!) Rhino and the Tiger (Grrrrr!). 
Ivy loved the baby giraffes and was quite humored by this moon walking Polar Bear.  He walked backwards then forwards then back again over and over.  So funny!  Ivy did not pet any petting zoo animals and told us that she was certain the tiger was mean because he wasn't wagging his tail- very perceptive for a 5 year old.
The highlight of the zoo was the carousel that we rode 3 times!  Ivy, Nana, and I couldn't stop laughing at the pure joy on Tula's face as she yelled "No hands! Up and down, up and down, up and down.....!" She enjoyed this so much and is still talking about her horsey. 
Zoo, numero tres, was definitely a zoo!  We had Open House for kindergarten.  It was so weird to sit on the other side of the table and be the parent.  We are so thrilled that Ivy has Mrs. Hoffner as a teacher and Ivy seemed so big walking into that room (tear....).   Mrs. Hoffner seems very calm and her room felt like a "rainbow" (all the bright colors, I guess) to Ivy who is currently obsessed with rainbows. 
The Jessamine Early Learning Village was bustling with children, parents, teachers, but all very organized.  Ivy is so excited to walk through the lunch line and go to the library. The wonderful adventure will begin on Thursday (prayers, please)!

Friday was definitely a great last day of summer.  We soaked up adventures from sun up to sun down and knowing that we were leaving behind the flexibility and calmness of summer.  However, when I look back over the months it's been a great one- 
*memories made- check
*lots of playing- check
*lazy mornings and late nights out- check, check....
*no regrets!

Happy last day of summer and cheers to the school year ahead!


  1. Ok, first of all your mom is so beautiful! You guys look so much alike (:

    Colin is obsessed with rainbows too and that's always the first thing he draws when he colors. Good luck to Ivy. I know she'll do great!

  2. It was an all around great day! Glad I was able to spend it with my favorite girls!


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