Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Hurrah!

Today is officially Ivy's last day of summer.... last day of being a little kid because tomorrow she is going to be a school aged kid, a kindergartner!
So to take my mind off of that.... I am going to tell you all about this little gal's special canoe trip with Pawpaw and Daddy!  This was her one last summer hurrah doing one of her favorite things- going to the river. Daddy and Ivy were thrilled to have Pawpaw as their special guest.
It was a gorgeous morning on the river.  I am thankful that the weather cooperated and God had His mighty hand in on making these plans come to life.
They found the perfect picnic spot!! Ivy says it was on a cliff..... I am thankful that it was just a little one. (Take note Daddy and Pawpaw, Tula can not EVER picnic on a cliff!  Two words- dare devil!)
Pawpaw and Ivy had so much fun being silly!  These two were dancing and being statues and catching up on lost time.
Even though it was chilly, Daddy and Ivy had to take a dip.  They love to say that you can't go to the river without a swim..... and I beg to differ!  I do not plan to swim in the river- ick!- ever! However, I am thankful that swimming in that murky water is a fear that I did not pass on to my little river rat.
As the day's adventures came to a close, Daddy and Pawpaw guided that pretty red canoe back home. Cheers that these 3 were able to have one last summer hurrah!
Tomorrow this little one starts school.  I am covering her with prayers this evening to have a great day, to feel confident in her new school setting, to meet new friends, and to come home cheerful rather than cranky from the long day (without a nap)!

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  1. I love this post! What a fun day--and the pictures are beautiful! Memories were created---awesome!


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