Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to School.... Starting Kindgergarten and Daycare

 On Wednesday morning, I switched roles from 7:55 to 2:50.... Mama was gone and Mrs. Smorstad was back!  Truth be told, the first week of school I feel a lot more like Mama to my 26 new comers than I do a teacher.  I know it is going to be another great school year!  But this year, there are bigger changes- more than just new students and new faces- but a new routine for my sweet girls!
 Our district does a phase in to Kindergarten so Ivy started on Thursday.  Daddy took her to school and she was ready to go with her new outfit, her fanciest pink bow, her rainbow tennis shoes, and a smile from ear to ear! He texted me pictures the whole morning and I was so excited to see her grinning (not holding onto him crying).  My principal so willingly offered for me to take her but I am afraid it would have resulted in tears- my children just perform like that for Mommy!  And for the next 5 years, she will be at Wilmore Elementary with me and I can walk her every single morning if she will let me!
 Ivy with her teacher, Mrs. Hoffner!  Ivy loves her dearly and keeps telling me about Mrs. Hoffner's rules encouraging me to enforce them with my 2nd graders!  :)  She is proud of how long she can "hold a bubble" and she is teaching Tula some of her new kindergarten tricks.   She has loved eating in the cafeteria, seeing lots of friends on the playground, and learning about Mrs. Hoffner's little boy and puppy dogs!
 Ivy is riding the bus both ways- what a BIG girl!  She was getting on the bus from Lefty Loop on her 2nd day of school.  In the afternoon, she rides to my school where I anticipate her arrival all afternoon!  The bus has been fun.  She says they sing songs and she is meeting new friends.  She came home Thursday and Friday very cheerful (Thank you, Jesus!) and ready to share all about her Kindergarten adventures. 
This year Tula has a new routine too!  I have to give all credit to God for helping child care always work out for our family.  This is hands down the biggest stress as a working mom, but He has answered prayers and provided clear direction year after year.  Tula started her first week at Wilmore Daycare ("Tuwa's School").  Ivy was able to go with her and stay in a 4 and 5 year old class Monday through Wednesday, where she met a new friend who is also in Mrs. Hoffner's class (Isn't God's plan so awesome!).  She also was able to tell me all about their day and Tula's day and she gave a mighty praise to Wilmore Daycare- putting all of my worries at rest.  Tula "reads" her daily report each evening as you see her telling us all about in the picture above.  
Mama: "Tula, can you tell us about your day?"
Tula runs to find her paper....
Tula: "1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11"
Mama:  "Oh, I see you are counting!"
Big deal- since this summer we never made it past 2! 
Tula: "Tigers! Cold Paint! Cookies!"
Mama:  "Did you pain a tiger for big cat week? And have cookies for snack? 
Tula: "Cheeeee...." 
Smiling for picture!

I sure am missing these sweet girls but I am thankful for our time together, big smiles, and good reports from our new schools! 


  1. Can't believe how big they have gotten. So glad they love their new schools & everyone has made a smooth transition : )

  2. Loved reading that! Made me smile so big and laugh out loud a few times. Love those girls. Thinking about you all a lot right now.


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