Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The ALL DAY Birthday

We celebrated the BIG number 5 ALL DAY!

We started with a special birthday breakfast, opening presents at home, and getting ready for party time!
Upon Ivy's request, as she has been planning the details of her FRIEND party for the past 12 months, we had a rainbow birthday party! She really may go into the party planning business as she chose everything from the colorful foods to the invitation layout.  
She was absolutely giddy seeing each friend arrive.  She was thankful to celebrate with her closest friends and was excited to see all they brought for All God's Children, the charity she chose. The delivery to the "babies" will be soon! Last night, she was thankful for the "most perfect party!"

We ended the evening with her favorite dinner.... sushi at Malone's (she's a fancy one)! Then back to Nana and Pops house to open presents.  This ALL DAY birthday was the best day my sweet 5 year old could ask for!


  1. So fun! Wish we could have been there to celebrate at least a little bit of it!

  2. love it! and i love her birthday theme!

  3. Love the charity idea! I have to agree with Ivy Sushi at Malones sounds pretty fantastic!

  4. She really is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen.

    How fun and what a wonderful idea. So her family gives her gifts, but if she has a friend party they bring gifts for charity.....right? You may have to send me a copy of the invitation.


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