Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Big 2 for Tula Belle!

Dear Tula Belle,
Happy Birthday, tiny girl!  It is hard to believe that you are 2.... where did the time go?  I feel like you are so little to be 2, but today is the day and 2 you are.  It was just moments ago that I held you in the hospital, nursed you morning, noon, and night, and put big fluffy diapers on your teeny little booty.  It was just moments ago that we celebrated your first birthday, let you eat an entire ice cream cone cake, and cheered as you took your first steps.  And now you are 2- kind of not a baby anymore.  

 In the past year you have grown so quickly- not so much physically, but in personality- wow- you have grown! You went from being a little quiet girl sucking your paci (still do!), cuddling the blankie (still do that too!), and taking in the world with your big eyes.  You were more of a watcher and a do-er.... but now you want to tell us all about it.  You went from saying about 10 words to speaking in 10 word sentences right before my eyes.  You are reporting, just as your sister did years ago- telling us who did what every where we go.  You ask questions and make detailed requests all the time!

And those detailed requests.... wow- they stole our little laid back baby spirit- and now you know what you want and you are making sure we understand too!  While you sure do make demands these day- which book to read and how many times to read it, what song we want to sing, the bowl you want for snack time- you still are so easy to please in other areas.  The only requests you made for your birthday were quite simple:
1. sweet tarts
2. suckers
3. m & m's
I bet you know your favorite thing- treats!! Ivy says you must have a sweet tooth just like her- and she has pinned it to being your top right, while her's is the top left! 

You have a sweet tooth and a sweet heart and we love you so much.  We are thankful that God chose us to be your family and enjoy your silliness everyday.  We are excited for what the future holds.... the big adventures that you will go on.... and we know without a doubt that you will be on many adventures.  Today has been perfect celebrating you from beginning to end!

Love you to the moon and back,

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  1. So sweet!! I can't believe Tula is already 2!


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