Monday, September 3, 2012

Tula's All Day Birthday

 Tula woke up on Saturday morning and her special day began immediately!  She got birthday waffles with whip cream and sprinkles and began opening some presents from us.  She was most excited about Buddy and Tiny her talking dinosaurs from the Dinosaur Train!  

..... And In the Afternoon!

Around lunch time we went to Nana and Pops' house to celebrate a little bit more!  Tula was excited to have some of her favorite food for her birthday.  Nana made macaroni and cheese and Tula ate some black berries and raspberries (a new fave!).  Then we had puppy dog cupcakes with ice cream.  Our little one LOVES puppies and since now is not the time for a puppy at the Smorstad house the least we could do is celebrate with puppy cakes!

After a long birthday nap, we took Tula to a big room full of "Jumpy Houses" at Monkey Joe's!  Some of our wild girl's favorite things to do are to jump, bounce, climb, run, and fall and what better place to do that then in the safe haven of a "jumpy house!"  Tula has experienced these on a small scale but she could not believe her eyes when she walked into Monkey Joe's.  She had a blast and was so excited that Sidney Shea and Oaklee were able to join in on the fun!
.... And On Another Afternoon!

 The joy of having a birthday on a long weekend is that we could stretch it out! The last bit of birthday fun was with a visit from Pawpaw.  Tula was excited to see him, show him all of her birthday gifts, and get a Tula-sized stroller with a babydoll fit with a paci (one of Tula's favorite things ever)!  She was tucked into bed with the new baby named "Sissy" tonight.  

Overall, we had a great birthday celebration for our little 2 year old! 
Happy Birthday, Tula Belle!

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