Saturday, September 15, 2012


 This little lady is such a dare devil so what better excitement than the circus?
That is exactly what Nana and Pops decided to give Tula for her birthday.... tickets for The Greatest Show On Earth!  And it just so happened that Tula learned all about the Circus at school the week before.  They tight rope walked on a string on the floor, pretended to be lions jumping through hula hoops, and made clown crafts just in time for her to experience the real thing!

 Last Sunday we woke up from afternoon naps and headed downtown to enjoy the show.  Tula kept pointing at the circus train cars lining the street- we were all curious about what they kept inside.... lions? elephants? fancy ponies? Who knows?!?!

 Tula was already entertained by the clowns "pre-show" tricks.  She had this "WOW!" face the majority of the evening.  The clowns continue to be her favorite part even after seeing the elephants, the tight rope walkers, and the pony show!

 Ivy enjoyed Little Sister's birthday present just as much!  She loved the fancy outfits that the circus girls wore and she was very curious about lots of the circus acts- where do they live? where do they practice? how did they get this job?  I guess the nosey gene comes early in this family!

Even though the circus acts were all very entertaining I don't think anything was quite as fun as the circus food!  Ivy and Tula enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy before the evening was over!  We are so thankful that our family got to celebrate our little circus girl at the real circus!  
Barnum and Bailey did not disappoint the Smorstad family! 


  1. So fun!!!! Glad everyone was healthy to enjoy the show!

  2. What fun memories you made! Hooray for Grandparents :)


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