Tuesday, September 25, 2012

letters from an auntie

 On September 19th I jumped out of bed excited and a smile was permanently pressed upon my face all. day. long.  I was waiting in anticipation for a new title- on that day, nearly one week overdue, I was going to become an Auntie for the first time.

All day long my students jumped for joy every time my phone made a peep because they were awaiting the arrival of my nephew just the same.  I wish I could have been in Cincinnati waiting for him and watching the minutes pass in a hospital but instead I let the fun spread through 26 + second graders at Wilmore Elementary.  We started our day with a share square where they taught me what it meant to be a good auntie and we ended it with dismissal and a text message stating "He is here! Long and skinny... everyone is doing great.... pictures soon!"  The wait was over.

Graham Duncan Jones 
September 19th, 2012
2:21 pm 7lb 2oz, 20 3/4" 

 After tons of pictures being sent my way from Wednesday evening on, I finally got to hold my nephew for the first time on Saturday morning.  I was able to visit the new parents (who are doing wonderful) and share this sweet baby with Ivy.  We cuddled him and poured over the perfection of the sweet little baby.

 Ivy was absolutely tickled to see how fun it is to be the big cousin.  She was so excited to finally have a cousin and get to have him all to herself (for a day).... Tula will have to wait until next time!  Ivy held him, loved on him, and decided we need some blue baby in our house soon- especially since she is "such a good holder now." Maybe someday sweet girl, but for now let's just enjoy this little Teddy Graham. 

 Nana and Pops are absolutely smitten with the newest grandchild.  And after meeting Graham, Ivy is perfectly okay with sharing her Nana and Pops!  It is exciting to get to peruse the racks of boy clothes when we go shopping with Nana because we are no longer limited to the pinks.  I can't wait until he gets to wear some precious little boy shoes.... but for now, I will enjoy his long skinny toes on his soft baby feet.  I learned after Ivy was born, not to rush a baby.... ever.  I will enjoy each little moment, because you blink your eyes and they are in kindergarten!

This picture melts my heart.... my baby brother, a daddy, and oh what a wonderful daddy he will be!

Dear Graham,
Welcome to the world, welcome to the family.  I am so excited to see what your life will hold.  You have two parents that were perfectly picked for you.  They love each other, love you, and most important, they love the Lord.  I can't wait to watch them raise you, and I am sure learn from them as I raise my own children.  You are lucky, little one, because your Mommy and Daddy are two of the most selfless people I know.  They approach everything with a serving heart and I am sure they will parent in the same way.  You will grow up in a household where you know what it means to love others and you will know what it means to be a child of God.  I can't wait to watch your heart take shape as you become a little Jones.
Thank you, little teddy Graham, for making me an Auntie.  You and your future siblings are really my only chance to be an aunt, so I promise to do an awesome job!  I would love to be simply Auntie.... since your daddy is simply Unc, to my girls.  I can't wait to spend more time with you and get to share my family with your.  I have such wonderful memories with my own aunts and I am excited to create the same with you.  We can look forward to beach vacations, back yard kick ball games, trips to the museum and the zoo, and someday.... sleepovers!  
I am so glad that you are here- I praise God because He made you in an amazing and wonderful way!


  1. He is handsome! So glad you get to add Auntie to your titles, it sure is an important one : )

  2. Auntie!! Love it! I kept naturally wanting to say Auntie Smors, so Auntie is perfect.

    Thank you so much for writing that. So sweet and so encouraging. Chels and I both teared up reading it. Graham's so lucky to have you as his Auntie and Ivy and Tula as cousins. We love y'all!

  3. Congratulations on finally being an Auntie! He is precious! I adore my sweet nieces and wouldn't trade them for the world, but as a mama with girls there's something extra special about those nephews of mine! Have fun!


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