Friday, April 8, 2011

Where-ium Aquarium

I wanted Ivy excited about Spring Break.... so I kept telling her... "We are going to Cincinnati and then we are going to the Newport Aquarium." To which she first responded, "The A-where-ium? What's that?"
So once we updated her memory on the aquarium... she was ready! She has an amazing memory and remembered the penguin in the cart for the lame-o penguin parade that she watched at 18 months. This time we didn't arrive early and wait for the disappointing penguin parade but we did give Unc and Esie hugs and kisses goodbye and headed off to visit the fish on Monday morning!
And the A-where-ium Aquarium didn't disappoint!

Ivy also remembered a boy taking this blue frog last time.... as a 3 year old she waited in line much nicer this time and was ready to get her picture taken with a smile!

The Smorstad Girls!

Ivy has grown so much since last time.... see her picture here!

Tula's favorite were the fish tank tunnels and the bright jellyfish tanks.

Ivy's favorite were the little splashing sharks and the penguins!


  1. thank you for the sweet comment! Have I told you how gorgeous your family is lately? Because y'all are!!!!!

  2. It's amazing how much she's grown looking at those 2 pictures. Colin really enjoyed the aquarium but mama did not. It was hot and sticky and I just don't do well in those environments! It looks like you all had a great time though.


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