Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Celebrate Easter

Easter is such an exciting time.... and every year I am just in awe of the sacrifice that was made for me... and you and you and you! Ivy's memory verse right now is John 3:16, probably one of the most important things she will every memorize.

"For God so loved the world He gave His only son so whoever believed in Him will not die but live forever in heaven."

That is huge! Every time her little voice says that I am reminded- God gave his child, his ONLY child, for us. Parents, can you imagine? But then I remember that Jesus is our Father so he did it for us. All a little complex for a little one... but Ivy will be able to put the pieces together someday. Easter is a time to reflect on Jesus and His love for us and one day I know all that we are telling Ivy will become clearer.

But for now... here is Ivy's version of Easter.

Unc: Ivy, why do we celebrate Easter anyways?
Ivy: Well, Unc, Jesus wasn't in the stone anymore.
Unc: Yea, he wasn't in the tomb. He was gone.... where did he go?
(Ivy's voice is so excited.)
Ivy: You see Unc, Jesus, He rose on donkey into the heavens!

So how did we celebrate this day???

We went to Nana and Pop's house for Easter baskets and egg dyeing for the big kids and the little ones too!

The girls woke up to a special delivery... Easter baskets!

Puffs, sippy cups, and a pool towel.... oh my!

Crayons, and chocolates, and a pool towel... oh my!

WHO'S READY FOR SUMMER??? The Easter Bunny!
We went to Louisville to enjoy lunch, egg hunts, and time with family!

Jones Family... just those with the Jones blood! The outsiders took pictures.... my mom perfectly described the outsiders as those who are married to the Jones'.... who can never be wrong, are always right, those poor outsiders!

Cooper and Ivy had so much fun- cousins who don't get to see each other nearly enough!

Silly goose after a egg hunt.... the rain actually held off :)

Pretty little girls ready for church!

We hope you had a wonderful Easter too!


  1. So sweet! LOVE the girls' matching Easter dresses! :)

  2. Beautiful pics!!!! Looks like the girls had fun!

  3. My goodness I don't even know where to begin!! I love those pics. My fave is Tula sitting on the table with her Easter basket. So cute. And the one with her and Ivy at the bottom. Your girls are so sweet!

  4. Just found your blog! So glad to see you all are doing well! I'm sure your ready for summer so you can eat up those girls! :)


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